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Easy 3 flavor recipe for beginners?


Hi Junglist_Juice,

Yeah im not to fussed as to whether the recipes has 2 elements or 10 elements, i was more mentioning the heavy percentages which were prefered toward devices which did not carry as much power as most devices do today… but i am getting closer and closer to finding my groove everyday, its a little like putting a jigsaw together. i think Rob mentioned adapting recipes and fiddling with the percentages which is good for a beginner mixer like myself, helps me find where different flavors sit etc…thanks again Junglist


Space Jam or Time Bomb
-Fuji Apple
-Juicy Peach
-Strawberry Ripe


Curious as to what blend you prefer with this? I’ve tried it at 20/80, 25/75 and 30/70. I think I’ve settled on 25/75 for most of my needs but really I don’t see much difference in taste effect between 25/75 and 30/70.


That looks good to me. The only VBIC I have is CAP. Can you recommend a %? Or feedback if you think the CAP wouldn’t work as well? Thx


Answering for @BoyHowdy as the legend hasn’t been on here for quite a while (come back dude).

IMO you should be fine subbing at the same %. For me, the CAP VBIC isn’t as creamy tasting as the TPA (but that could just be me).


Thx for answering, Lolly. Should I assume that CAP and TPA are about equal in their concentration? I understand that some flavorings such as INW, FA, etc. are known for their intense potency.


I would say generally this is the case with CAP/TPA strength, although there are always exceptions. The best thing for you to do is take a look at both of the flavours over on the recipe side of ELR and look at the % used in a mix for each, along with how others have used them in a recipe. Over time, with experience and through testing you will start to pick up what will be a suitable substitution and at what % :+1:


I pretty much mix everything at 80V/20P or as close as possible.


Thx Ken. I decided to try coconut in your Sinnamon Cookie Kustard recipe. I followed the recommended percentages for each flavor (Coconut (FA) 1.3% and Coconut Cookie (INW) 2%. I don’t taste anything. Maybe if I strain my brain I think I taste Coconut Cookie. The mix with FA, I don’t taste at all. Is it a matter of steep time or should I take the leap and boost it?


In V1 i would imagine it would take a bit of Coconut Extra PLUS the other coconuts to get it to break through. Even in V2 it would require quite a bit, CDS is hella potent.

I might try adding Coconut Extra in the .05% range and then work my way up if needed. I rarely use coconut in anything, im not a big fan of it in any form with the exception of one cake my mother in law makes.

It might just be easier to start from scratch using completely different flavorings from either recipe, V1 or V2.

Sorry that these words arent that helpful, my coconut knowledge is quite limited.


Helpful, nevertheless. I use 2% CDS. 5% VC V1 and 7% Sugar Cookie. I didn’t want the coconut to dominate anyway, so maybe I’ll just try a boost first.


If you search for #diydownunderaugustchallenge
You will get some results as well as the stipulations for this challenge was to enter a 3 flavour recipe.


Fluffy Pango:

Sweet Mango (CAP) 3%
Peach (INW) 0.5%
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.5%