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Yeah Baby, Yeah!


Congrats @Bikerdude!!!


So the way to @Bikerdude 's heart is through an additives care package :motor_scooter: :white_check_mark:



Happy Friday! This week’s sale is on Inawera save 20% with the code in the picture above!

Also we have added a few items to our inventory:
Obsidian by DIYorDIE
Stevia RA 5% in a VG Solution (in addition to our Stevia RA 10% PG solution)
Waffle Cone by Flavor West
Express DIY One Shot: Key Lime Pie!


Time for another Giveaway!

ECX $50 House Brand Gift Card Giveaway (Ended)
ECX $50 House Brand Gift Card Giveaway (Ended)
ECX $50 House Brand Gift Card Giveaway (Ended)
ECX $50 House Brand Gift Card Giveaway (Ended)
Current Giveaways Links
ECX $50 House Brand Gift Card Giveaway (Ended)
ECX $50 House Brand Gift Card Giveaway (Ended)
ECX $50 House Brand Gift Card Giveaway (Ended)

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Do I need this in my life?


Only if you like butterscotch. Lol

Also FLV butterscotch with it, and MF/Lotus butterscotch.

Those three together finally completed my butterscotch unicorn! I’ll have to do a “butterscotch flavor base” recipe and share it with everyone soon (now that I’ve finally nailed it down)!! It took me almost a year and a half to find the magic combination. I’m glad to be off that horse finally. It was a looooong ride, but a very rewarding journey!


If you’ve nailed a butterscotch flavor base I will buy all three!!! :grin:


You may have to help me twist @ecigexpress arm though… The last few times I’ve perused their Lotus selection, quite a few are missing. Sadly, butterscotch was among them. :cry:

As well as strawberry, dark chocolate, vanilla…


Given the cost of MF/Lotus, I think shipping it over to the UK as well may bankrupt me :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, I feel your pain there!

You fine folks in the UK need to organize like you did for RF, and put some heat on a vendor or two to carry MF!! :wink:


id help but , i think if they carried the line again they would have to charge the 9.99 a bottle again , right now their dumping it at a good price and thats great but if it was running line the price would be popped up again , MF is a company that could care less about their products being used for vape so im sure the price breaks for a company like Ecx isnt thst great ,


That sounds good. I have the MF and the FLV, but not the FW. I might have to get some.


Yeah, I picked up quite a few at the lower price, and I really ought to get more of the ones I want at that price while they can be gotten.

I’d be pretty happy to see them carry the line even at $9.99 though. MF is pretty concentrated, and it might take me a long time to use some flavors up, so spending what it costs to get those from goodearthbeauty isn’t that appealing.

But I imagine something happened in the relationship that ecigexpress can’t in good conscience talk about. I’ve heard quite a bit about how difficult MF can be to deal with, so that wouldn’t surprise me at all.


i like good earth beauty i get 15ml for under 20 plus they have always sent me a sample 3.7ml of a different flavor , 10@ for 5ml is 30 bucks for 15ml so good earth beauty isnt that bad when you think about it , sorry @ecigexpress for talking about another business on your thread and ill keep buying your lotus until its gone b4 i buy from anywhere else :wink:


No problem @fidalgo_vapes it’s an excellent conversation.


I moved all the Giveaway answers to the giveaway topic here:


Thank you @JoJo you rock!



Howdy Vape Fam and TGIF! This weekend save 15% on all Flavor West at ecigexpress.com !
Save on some of our newer Flavor West flavors like:
Waffle Cone
Wildberry Cobbler ala mode
Funnel Cake
and more!

Also we have two new delicious flavors from our friends at Real Flavors!
Blackberry Jam Toast
Watermelon Taffy

We also have our Stevia solution in two variations:
5% in VG base
10% in PG base


Ok sorry to chat your ears off. Giveaway today as well (8-11-2017)


Are the flavorah bottles oem or rebottled?