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so here is a screenshot of a recipe:

Its ok, but could definitely be better.
simply post what you would modify in the recipe and tell us (The forum) why you chose those modifications.
Since taste truly is subjective, winner will still be randomized.

Prize: 1x $50 Gift code to ecigExpress.com

Ends 11/17.

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The most obvious to me is start by subbing TFA VBIC with 2% Cap VIC (because, well, pepper) :laughing:

After that, I’d probably be inclined to add a couple drops of FLV apple filling. =D


This is exactly what i was thinking! And perhaps less cream to keep the icecream more sweet. Is there another icecream flavor?? For a stronger back bone…When i see this mix i think of apples and cream…not icecream. Looks yummy though!


Ooo good feedback both of you! we just stopped in because we were going to post the link to the recipe publicly but we already have moved on to version 2. So apologies for that.


This is hard for me because I can’t vape cinnamon, so apple pie is out of my wheelhouse. Sub in INW biscuit for JF biscuit, but I love INW. Love using INW custard in the mix, it’s my personal fav:) curious as to what cereal 27 does for the mix? I get a mostly corn flakes flavor from it.


first i would add an apple flavor or two , because the apple pie FA doesnt have enough apple taste to it , then i would drop the apple pie to about 2pct , then id add LB VIC at 3pct and drop the TPA VBIC because of the pepper taste i get from the TPA, then drop the marzipan to .5 after all that id steep for a few days test and probably come up with a V2 lol


i would think they would be using it for the crust and brown sugar effect


In all honesty @Fishaddict420 thats the same reason we chose this recipe, Apple and cinnamon balance is kinda tricky. the idea for cereal 27 paired with a biscuit was to create a heartier pie crust texture, which hold on (vapes it real quick.) Which is sort of working at its current steep period (10 days.) could definitely use something though… lol


I love apple pie in real life but any amount of cinnamon seems to tear up my throat after just a couple mls, idk what it is, sucks too cause I love bakeries.


considering I’ve never used most of these ingredients, I’d probably just mix it as it is.


same! :frowning: but we will conquer this cinnamon!


that was what got me as well , great point , i didnt want to tear apart the recipe completely because i havent used 3 or 4 of the flavea


I’d drop FA apple pie down to 2%, drop FA marzipan completely, and add in 2% LB vanilla ice cream and 3% CAP double apple. :+1:


i swear you and i have some kind of brain link , you made a pEanut butter vape i made one lol , great minds sure do think alike :wink: lmao


Great tongues taste alike… :laughing: But lets not go there… it’s not Friday… oh wait! it is! lmao


(Sorry, @ecigexpress I’ll be nice)


you have to watch out for jojo lol not ecx


what @fidalgo_vapes said lol!


Cinnamon and Crust - (CAP) Graham Cracker @ 1.5-2%


That’ll be the Mind Control as she lures you to your doom… :laughing: