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ECX Fix My Mix Giveaway - $50 Gift Card (Ended)


Agree with @Sprkslfly couple drops of apple filling flv. And increase the vanilla bean ice cream tpa to 2% 0.80 grams. Perfection! Maybe a few drops of marshmallow just to give extra 'body’s
Ty for the chance at the gift card


I would take out the cinnamon sugar and put some rich cinnamon in from Flavorah, obviously not at 2% cause the stuff is strong and then add some brown sugar.
I’m not into anything fruit though so it’s just a stab in the dark :hocho: :night_with_stars:


I will not add Bavarian Cream at all. And i will add Acetyl Pyrazine at 0.25 or Toasted Almond (TPA) at 0.5. Also Cinnamon Sugar at 1.25%


I would drop the Marzipan all together. It muddles the recipe. Replace the ice cream with LB VIC at 3% for pepper tasters like me. Replace the JF Bavarian Cream with FA Cream Fresh at 1% for a smoother cream mix with the ice cream. Add 3 drops of FLV Rich Cinnamon, 3 Drops of FA Liquid Amber, 1% FA Fuji, and 2% CAP Double Apple, all for a more present Cinnamon baked apple flavor.


I’m with a few of the others in that there’s a LOT of flavors in there that I haven’t had the pleasure of using, so maybe instead I’ll give you what I would try to whip up from my flavor stash based off of this recipe. Sound good? Let’s go!
Fuji Apple(FA) @ 2% (Apple base)
Pear(FA) @ 0.5%(Apple helper)
Liquid Amber @ 0.5%(Apple helper)
Dragonfruit @ 0.5%(Apple blender/juicy factor)
Biscuit(INW) @ 1.5%(Crust)
Graham Cracker V1(CAP) @ 1%(Crust)
Toasted Marshmallow@ 3%(Crust/Toasty notes)
VBIC(TFA) @ 1.5%(Vanilla Ice Cream)
Vanilla Swirl(TFA) @ 1.% (Cuz VANIlLA!)

There’s my take. Once my PG order comes in, I might just have to whip up a batch of this! Maybe with a lil’ Holy Vanilla(DIYFS) and some Rich Cinnamon(FLV)? Time will tell…

Thanks for the opportunity to play-Cheers!


Lol. Where the hell is fuji Apple? How can you leave this out?

Reduce marzipan to 0.75
Add Fuji fa 0.5-1%

If your trying to add an almond bakery touch…hence the use of marzipan then marzipan 0.75 and almond fa 0.25 to 0.45(lean more toward the less)


I would reduce Apple Pie from 4% to 2%.
Add Double Apple (CAP) 2%
Change VBIC from (TFA) to (FW) & increased to 3%
Omit Custard (INW)


This is how I envision this mix.


:flushed: You’re certainly a bold one! :laughing:
“more present cinnamon” indeed! :grinning:


Niiiiice touch!


Well since all the obvious changes/subs have been posted (was gonna suggest Liquid Amber), I’m drawing a blank. How about something off-the-wall like Kentucky Bourbon TFA 0.5%. Might add a nice zing to the mix!


you would have to envision your goal since it could go so many ways but i agree w/ a few of other recommendations so far w/ replacing brands. you definitely need another to help out the apple pie suggesting fuji and or quince in small amount. @Sprkslfly noticed right away that it suit more if the vbic was cap but i heard that LB is the shit but u dont carry that,lol.


If your penis doesn’t burn while vaping cinnamon it just isn’t right. Lol.


Needs FA Fuji and I’d personally sub cin/sugar with cinnamon ceylon or cinnamon danish swirl.


i didnt even think about them not carrying LG VIC ooops


doesn’t have to be flavors we carry~


1 drop and DONE! :kissing_heart:

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I’m afraid I’d have to make significant changes. First reason is because I don’t have
a few of those flavors, and secondly, because I’ve made an apple pie that I’m fairly happy with.
But, here’s my take:

Apple Pie (TFA) 4%
Butterscotch (Flavorah) 2%
Dulce de Leche (TPA) 1%
French Toast (OOO) 2% (because it’s the perfect amount of cinnamon - just a tad)
Fuji Apple (FA) 1%
Pie Crust (FW) 2%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW) 1.5%

Looks weird, but it worked for me after aging 2 weeks.


you never know what works until you try it


I just recently got FLV Rich Cinnamon and put one drop in a 10ml Apple Pie I am working on. It was just right for me, but I do really like cinnamon. The funny thing is they mentioned FA Marzipan in this one and while working on mine I found I does not work, well at least not in mine.