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ECX Fix My Mix Giveaway - $50 Gift Card (Ended)


Thanks! Wish I could say it was my brilliance shining thru, but it’s one of the “a-HA!!!” tidbits that I’ve snagged in my lurking/scraping info from one of the e-juice sites(Can’t remember if I got it from here or /r/DIY_eJuice) Whenever I see something that smacks me in the brainpan, I copy-paste it into a document and then forget what I named the .doc file and have to spend an hour or three finding some little gem that I vaguely remember!


I’ve been loving Rich Cinnamon a little TOO much. It’s too damned easy to get heavy-handed with it-I recall somewhere that someone suggested making a 10% dilution of Rich Cinnamon(FLV) and then using that to mix into juices, but I’ve been too lazy to do so. The maximum I’ve gone with it was about 0.8% and it burned the hell outta my throat!


Yep. Been there. A bit too frequently. :laughing:


What kinda tank? or do u just use rdas for the cinnamon infused e liquid?


Ok, confession, I haven’t read the other entries, so this has probably already been said. Sorry, finals are around the corner. :wink:

I’m not a big fan of apple vapes, so this is tough. It definitely needs an actual apple flavor. Something like FA Fuji for the scent and juiciness and probably something like a double apple or Inawera Two Apples. I don’t know what the marzipan is in there for, but I’d switch it for Meringue. FA Liquid Amber for that cooked filling flavor. You guys don’t carry NicVape (I don’t think?), but their Apple Fritter would be perfect for this. (Hint hint @ecigexpress and @NicVape you guys should totally hook up. :wink: )


I haven’t worked with alot of the flavors but I do know that id replace the (TFA) vbic for (LB) vbic! The (LB) vbic is 5 stars! I’d start there and then taste it. Then possibly add another apple to support the flavor profile. I’d do it one flavor at a time until I got the winner!


Could improve on the bakery end of things.
Biscuit (JF) is ok but may need some help. Would play around with TFA Pie Crust,FA Cookie (Biscotto),and FW Cake Batter Dip off the top of my head.
Your creams may also be suspect. Could stand some scrutiny and use some help there.


I would do some lowering on the Bavarian, Biscuit,and Custard to 1% Lower Apple pie to 2.5. Add a few Apples, FA Fuji 1.5%, INW Double 1%, get rid of Marzipan and add Amber .50%, also either do a mix of TFA VBIC and CAP VBIC, or LB VBIC, and add CAP Whipped Cream 1.5%, and throw in about 1% of TFA Vanilla Swirl. and one drop of Flav Rich Cinnamon per 20 ml. I like the idea of the cereal 27 to boost the crust. Thanks for a chance to win ECX.


I don’t care to win anything, and this may be counter to what you’re looking for since you’d need to buy from a competitor, but I’d use Purilum Country Apple which as far as I know is only available from Nicotine River. It’s by far the best cooked apple flavor I’ve used.


I am kicking myself for not getting the Country Apple on my last order. Especially since I am working on an Apple Pie.


mixer drops the mic , lmao


Yeah… That was priceless! :laughing:


That’s what I keep telling my wife!


I thought the Fuji Apple was a good addition by several other users above. I think it would bring the “snap” back into the apple flavor for your mix.


wish i could help. but i dont,like apple pie vapes


FA Apple Pie down to 2.5%, Cereal 27 up to 2%, Marzipan down to .75%, VBIC up to 3%, add 0.5% TFA Brown Sugar, and 2% INW Two Apples. Shazzam.

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The main things I would change about that recipe is as follows.
Add 3% Apple pie (TPA) - Total 7% Apple Pie
Reduce Bavarian Cream (Jungle Flavors) to 1%
Replace Biscuit (Jungle Flavors) with Vanilla Cupcake (TPA) 2%
Eliminate Cereal 27 (CAP)
Replace Cinnamon Sugar (SL) (CAP) with DX Cinnamon Sugar Cookie (TPA) 1.25%
Replace Custard (NAWERA) with Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP) 1.25%
Eliminate Marzipan (FA)
Increase Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) to 2.5%

Good Luck Everyone!


any other takers? Tallying names now :slight_smile:


Mark Turner

Ok this is the names we have tallied. If you don’t see your name let us know and we will get you dialed when we return in 10 mins.


We have a winner! @Mark_Turner! Message us and we will get you dialed in good sir!