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ECX Fix My Mix Giveaway - $50 Gift Card (Ended)


Enjoy @Mark_Turner - Thank You @ecigexpress


Grats @Mark_Turner but if something were to say “happen” to 6 people, hmmm


Woo Hoo!!! :tada:
Thank You, I will message you now @ecigexpress


alright congrats Big Bam Bam @Mark_Turner


Congrats Mark!!

Thanks for the chance @ecigexpress!


What are you gonna try? I know I would go for stuff the other guys don’t carry, have fun, and congrats.


Not sure quite yet, maybe some MF fruits IDK? I pretty much have everything RF. I will be heading over to the webpage this weekend. Thanks for congratulatory :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Mark_Turner!
Thank you @ecigexpress!


I don’t know if it has been mentioned yet, but right off the bat I would use LB Vanilla Ice Cream. Out of all the IC flavors I have tried, this one blows them out of the water! Good stuff! I would also try to incorporate some FA Fuji into the mix. I am not a fan of FA apple pie, it’s lacking but I have never enjoyed it higher than 3%. Maybe pull back a little, add some fuji to get the apple popping.

Unfortunately that’s all I can really say, since I do not have/use Jungle flavors :frowning:

(and I thought it ends today, as in midnight…oops! I’m always hours late on these damn things!!!)


Congratulations @Mark_Turner ! Thanks for the contest @ecigexpress !


@ecigexpress i was gonna originally post this , it is my V1 i am going to make a V2 and add another apple , up the fuji apple and add FLV cinnamon crunch the apple in this version is hardly noticable


Big congrats!