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ECX Giveaway - Two $40 Giftcards (Ended)


Taro tpa - now many like this as a true taro which means I would never eat a taro - it was like vaping a potato covered in dirt to me


Hangsen Green Dew. Vapes like topsoil on fire.


@JoJo or @Ken_O_Where hiya. Can the title be changed from 5/1 to 9/1/17


FW Yellow Cake. I think it went bad, but it was just absolutely horrible. Steeped or SnV was equally bad… Just threw out the whole bottle. Haven’t bought it since, and trying to use other versions as a sub.


That’s a tough question. I’d have to say Maraschino Cherry TPA


Problably I messed it up but tried to make a Guava cheesecake and couldn’t tolerate the strong smell of that vape. I may try to mix it again with less guava but meanwhile I keep that flavor in a double zip bag away from my other flavors. Wait, just remembered, I tried some honey flavor and that smell was very bad too. But that one had to be expire or something. :wastebasket:


Pizza (FA)
Don’t believe me? Try this lovely creation :slight_smile:


FA Joy

Tastes like cheap stale beer that’s been sitting on the porch of a frat house for a month.


Unicorn vomit flavor west, that’s just nasty!


I’ll jave to go with Tiramisu in general. Although not a terrible side flavor used in tiny percentages for support, I mixed it at like 10% SF when I started. Took me days to get the taste of dry chalk out of my mouth. My bad.


Acai or bubble gum (flv)
Acai was super bitter and bubble gum was chalky in my mouth.(nice bubble gum besides that ha)


I have that flavor, but never tried it, still trying to get past it’s name.


Toss up between EuroFlavors Kiwi and TPA’s Black Sesame. The only two flavors I’ve straight up thrown away. The kiwi tasted like nail polish remover and vomit and the black sesame just tasted like really strong almost rancid sesame oil.

Thanks for the giveaway @ecigexpress! :smiley:


I’m with @woftam here and must say TPA Taro, although it is a toss up with their Raisin :face_vomiting:


Very generalistic but COFFEE doesn’t matter who’s doesn’t matter what it’s called, and doesn’t matter what they add to it. Coffee vapes and I do not get along. No matter what I do they end up tasting like three day old burnt re-heated coffee!!!


Tpa marachino cherry for me…tastes like straight up cough syrup to me :nauseated_face:


I’m with @Cutlass92 with the Unicorn Vomit. :nauseated_face:
Ah… live and learn.


Cap glazed donut is pretty bad. Play doh anyone?


Hazelnut Coffee-HS.

Might try again, now that I have more things to add
for a better finish.


First, I want to say thanks for the chance, this is THE one give away that I want to win the most. 3 quarter of the flavor I own, I bought from y’all.

The most terrible flavor I ever tasted would be Real Flavors cheese cake. :face_vomiting::poop::face_vomiting: