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ECX's Halloween Horror Giveaway - Two $50 Gift Cards (Ended)


I’ve obviously missed something somewhere. Lol
Not surprised though somehow.

Meme? Movie?


It was my corny attempt at pennywise from Stephen King’s IT. We all float down here! The red thing is a balloon, it had a string but it didn’t show in the picture.


Lol I got it! IT is my 4 year old’s favorite new movie! Lmao! He keeps trying to scare me and say Pennywise is gonna come out of the drain and get me. Evil little kid… :joy:





Horror movie? Yes that will be “SAW” :smile:
Saw 8 is coming up soon! Yay!
Juice is a Halo tribeca clone, DIY.



I couldn’t find my Shining dvd in time… =/
So I hope this will be acceptable!

The liquid is a WIP, and I think his expression confirms that it needs some more tweaking! LMAO


Howdy Fellow Mixers and Happy Halloween! lotsa great Handchecks so far!
We are just stopping in to remind you that the drawing will take place around 1pm PST
So theres still time to enter!


whoa! this is amazing!


We’re in gatlinburg this Halloween so I made a bourbon peach cobbler juice for my freakshow v2 rda and it got attacked by a terrifying bear!!!


Ok we are back and tallying the names now:)


We have our winners!! Congratulations to @Ryuk and @ExTaCy1337!
each of you have won a $50 dollar gift code! PM us and we will get you dialed in.
to the rest who entered… we go again next week!


Congrats @Ryuk and @ExTaCy1337 :tada:


Grats guys, that was a fun giveaway, lets do one for turkey day!!


we will do a smaller one before that, and on Turkey day something more substantial for sure!


Grats @Ryuk and @ExTaCy1337

Thanks for the chance @ecigexpress! :thumbsup:


I’ll start looking for small costume for Jessica


Me right now:

Thank you so much @ecigexpress you rock!


Have fun shopping, @Ryuk and @ExTaCy1337!