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ECX's Halloween Horror Giveaway - Two $50 Gift Cards (Ended)


No offense but hope u start wearing make up again tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


None taken. My eyes do look a bit sunken in… :ghost:


Congrats @ExTaCy1337 and @Ryuk :tada:


Congrats to @ExTaCy1337 & @Ryuk… stay spooky


Congrats @Ryuk and @ExTaCy1337. Thanks @ecigexpress :+1:


Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Wooow, and I was running out of time to enter this contest, entered at the last day.
Haha glad I did, thanks @ecigexpress!
Thanks a lot guys!


Grats to you both. Dont forget to grab a bottle of Strawberry Harvest (JF). :slight_smile: