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ECX's Halloween Horror Giveaway - Two $50 Gift Cards (Ended)


[Edit by JoJo to include the information in text form for anyone who can’t read what it says]

Post a pic of your mod and juice in a creepy setting (with a costume if possible!)
Take a picture with your favorite mod and DIY juice with your favorite scary movie (with costume if possible!)

Two winners will receive $50 gift codes to ecigExpress.com

Limit one entry per member.

Winners will be chosen randomly on Halloween 2017.

EcigExpress: Sales, Flavor News and more!

Does that work?

EDIT: Ok, now it is in the right place. Good luck everyone, sounds like a fun giveaway!


I always loved the original Children of the Corn for some strange reason… along with my Paranormal topped with an OBS Engine and some Holy Vanilla Ice Cream. No costume for this redneck though :laughing:


This is excellent!


My favourite Creep and my favourite creepy mod


One of my favorites…


Fall is my favorite time of year!


Does this qualify? :smile:


No gnomes were harmed or intentionally altered in any way in the making of this picture.


Tesla sp 120 with Merlin
Jacob’s ladder
Screen capture approriated from Google.


Spooky AF


Me on a bad hair day!


Vapey and Bob are ready for Halloween!



Spooky part is…

Chucky said he would help carve the pumpkins if I spot him some juice til Halloween…:hocho:


I think he came over to my house and created the headless goon


smear that on the inside, good for it


YES!!! These are all amazing! We pick a winner tomorrow so there’s still time to enter!


this is actually a pretty classy pumpkin btw lol


oh heck yes it does!