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ELR Member Needs Help 💔


Folks, I want to share that our own LordVapor is having it very rough and needs our help.

Kevin has been screwed over by his ex, his neighbors, and his employer. He’s had practically his entire lab stolen, most of his vape equipment, and has been trying to survive on unemployment which is about to run out.Next stop for him is homelessness if he can’t find work soon. In other words…a member of our family is suffering.

So how can you help? Well in his situation the best help is cash. Anything you can afford if you can help. You can send to his PayPal account at krowe33@gmail.com

He also could use vape and DIY related things as most his flavors were stolen. I personally feel like gift certificates would be a good route. You can send anything to -

Kevin Rowe
3850 N. 25th St Apt #25
Terre Haute, IN 47805

Last year some of us did a Secret Santa type thing and exchanged gifts. I am going to bypass that this year so I can help Kevin. I hope as many as can will pull together and lift this member up. And keep him in your prayers.

Damn, it feels good

Sure thing, I’ll send him a care package.


Thanks. I should have mentioned two things.

Kevin is flush with juice. Said he had a ton made that wasn’t stolen so he doesn’t need finished liquids. And the other thing is he asked me to say hello to everyone, that he misses you all very much. I know once he get his feet back under him he’ll be here again.


I was thinking to send him a Wal-Mart card and some accessories would be helpful.


Paypal done and done.:punch:


Thanks for letting us know, @SthrnMixer. I sent him a little something!


Tricky to help from Europe. Does he have a bitcoin wallet?


You can use Paypal from Europe, I just did.

Tell him the same from me and I wish him well.


thx for letting us know, paypal sent


Does it work without an account at paypal? I don’t have one and always pay as a guest. Bitcoins would be my preference though.


I don’t know since I do have an account, but I’m sure that if you can pay as a guest you can also send money as a guest.


Paypal done :+1:


Yes - have just done it - just click “send money to friends or family”


@Bad_Influence Sorry - just read you don’t have account so don’t know!


Nope, it won’t let me do it without an account.


Can someone link to his stash if it’s public? Maybe all together we can replace most of what he lost. Does anyone know his preferred nic base?


Paypal sent, Thanks @SthrnMixer for letting us know. Appropriate Icon as it is heartbreaking all that Kevin has suffered through this year.
For newer members you can see what this man @LordVapor has endured by searching some of his posts.:broken_heart:


This was his stash: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/29746
Him: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=29746


Thanks. I’m not completely awake yet but went looking and wasn’t 100% sure I’d found it, lol.


maybe you could use a service like this to send bitcoins to his paypal