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ELR Member Needs Help 💔


paypal sent :thumbsup:


That could actually work. I’ll give it a go after work when I have access to my bitcoins.


Grrrrr. Can we also donate through @ecigexpress @DonovanECX ? I think they have a gift or credit option as well.


Give Kevin my love please!!
I don’t have much right now, but sent what I could.




I’ll be sending Kevin out a care package too. With the vape ban in Indiana, is it ok to send him flavorings?


Done via PayPal 🖒
Hope it helps, I could of sent some gear if I wasn’t so far away :confused:


Awww I miss my buddy I will keep him in my prayers and send him some stuff too. Tell him I said Hello and we miss em’


Flavorings should be fine since they can be used for anything. If I had the kind of nic he uses, Pence and his goons wouldn’t stop me from sending him some.


OHHH I just sent him a gift card from BCF…do you think they’ll ship to IN ? @SthrnMixer


Hey does anyone know if he uses syringes or funnels? Does he need smaller bottles? I have 50 and 10 mils I can send.


I don’t know about that but will check.

He’ll be feeling the love! Thanks.

Good question…I don’t know. Will check.

I’ll see what I can find out. Thanks. [quote=“Mizzz_Z_Hobbit, post:31, topic:92064, full:true”]
Hey does anyone know if he uses syringes or funnels? Does he need smaller bottles? I have 50 and 10 mils I can send.

He mixes by weight. His scales was one thing he did mention that was stolen. I thought as cheap as they are he could grab one that he likes. As for bottles and such, I’m sure he’d appreciate that!

This community is absolutely amazing and is a reason for anyone who doubts humanity to realize the world is a mess, but it’s still full of wonderful people.

I’ll get back with answers as soon as I can. Working now so it may take a while. Thank you to everyone!


I will send him a LB-501 scale…please verify that no one else is going to…so all of you please say [OK Ozo…you do the scales…] because 5 scales won’t help him at this time.


OK Ozo…you do the scales… :smiley:


LB-501 scales ordered…delivers Monday 11/7/16
100 organic cotton squares ordered…delivers 11/10/16

So if you talk to him, Robert, you can give him a heads up.


This is why I :heart:️This forum :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::kissing_heart:


Thanks for your kindness and generosity! I will let him know right now.

Answers to questions -

@bad_influence No, Kevin does not use Bitcoin. (man I love your username!) :slight_smile:
@Amy2 Yes, he can make use of the Bull City gift card. And I had emailed then too asking about this. Their response…

Hey Robert,

We are still able to ship to Indiana at this time so there should be no issue if the gift certificate goes to someone from there.



Paypal done, hope it helps fella.


I am on the phone with Kevin now…
details soon.


Paypal sent…