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ELR Member Needs Help 💔


ok ozo you do scale


what does he need more cash probably , or would he rather have vape stuff , ive been down the same road as him vicious divorce nasty custody battle i feel his pain just let me know what is needed most ??? ty


He can always buys stuff if he needs. Right now I think any help you offer is generous and kind…and definitely appreciated. Personally I sent cash, but I know his flavor stash was robbed. He’s also down to a mod and a topper I think. Just however the spirit moves you brother!


Just spent an hour and a half on the phone with my friend and Brother Kevin, thank God he got it turned back on.

Here are the particular needs at the moment :
The best way to help him with getting flavors is to get a gift card for him at
Bull City http://www.bullcityflavors.com/
EcigXpress https://www.ecigexpress.com/
He will get an e-mail from them that he has a gift card to use.

He is good on bottles, VG, PG, mods, tanks/attys, but only has Kanthal A1 wire.
If you wish to send him wire, he builds coils around 0.1ohm , and generally vapes in TC mode.
Titanium or Stainless steel would be good to send/have sent…he was distraught enough that
he couldn’t remember the gauge he preferred [understandable], so just go to http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.asp?r=1&awg=28&id=2.5 and calculate for some wire for him…I can’t do it at this moment.[my insurance man just showed up, and is patient to let me finish this] Get close to gauges that will work, with which wire you wish to send, and send some spool ends you have, or have some new sent.

Simple answer is…cash to paypal will help the most overall, gift cards to Bull City and EcigX will be the easiest for flavors. Anything else you wish to box and send will just be icing on the cake. Mail him some cookies, eh?

For anyone that has forgotten, and for any new members on ELR…
If you don’t know who LordVapor is, he has been at the very top of giving to others on ELR…many times anonymously . [Yes, he is Vapinati, from the start]When I told him Robert started this thread, he asked me to help get it removed. He is a giver, and is embarrassed to be a receiver now. If anyone of us is truly worthy of help here on ELR. LordVapor is.

If we all give a little, it will amount to a lot.
Please search your heart, even if it means not eating out for lunch a day or two…not buying the next mod that is the trend, not having that starbucks tomorrow morning, maybe just cut your next vape order in half for now…if it contains things you just wish to try…

What if it was you in this situation? Do you think Ozo would be as compassionate?

You may not know me…you may know who I am and not like me, and you may have told me I need to GTFO of ELR because I said something you didn’t like [in private], but true this, it’s not about me, just trust what I say about Kevin.

I would easily do the same for you…if you had a track record like Kevin…believe me or not…just try me and see.

God bless everyone that helps, in any degree. You will be rewarded.


Amen to that!! Thanks to everyone. Love my ELR family. :slight_smile:


PayPal done. Hope things will get better soon - love from Norway


And amen to this too! He did a hell of a lot for his vapefamily so he shouldn’t be embarrassed when the fam wants to do something back now he’s in need. :kissing_heart:


I feel he shouldn’t be embarrassed either he is such a great guy and has sent me plenty of flavoring over time.


Paypal sent


But then again…you know Kevin…and how he is a giver, eh?

There is a dark cloud up above
Never saw the storm roll in
Now I feel covered in love
No Idea where to begin

I feel I should run and hide
This fear is new to me
But I should bury my pride
And let what will be …be

Please, never forget your prayers for the things that touch your heart.


I do and I totally understand. I have to put myself in his place and then take another look at it. He is a giver for sure.


Amen… Thats beautiful man…


I’ve used https://www.exchangemycoins.com and it seems to be fine. But we will only know when it arrives on his paypal account or if I’ve just blown some BC into nirvana. Excellent exchange rate compared to when I mined my bitcoins. So it doesn’t even hurt to help a little.
Happy vaping, Kevin. I’ll probably never meet you in person but I hope you get back on your feet soon.


By no means do I imply my Brother is weak, but at times life can weaken you with a constant stream of poisonous arrows fired upon you. This is when it is most important to have trusted ones surrounding you, to mentally and sometimes physically lift you up.

I completely understand that many of us are already burdened in daily life, and have struggles of our own, but it is also a bond we have, knowing what hardships are. If you think that you have nothing to give, then you probably don’t have anything for others. Even crumbs from your table may be what sustains some life around you…and you never recognize it happening.
Maybe the bible is not your thing, but if you have ever read it, I doubt you could ever say it’s total bullshit, and NOT walk away with some great knowledge.
To labor means you had to work hard, as opposed to taking out your nice boat at the crack of dawn and going fishing…something you love to do…versus something you HAD TO DO.
It may be very hard to give away a dollar to someone…when you need it for your own family…and in a way, it is the same as hard labor, but if you can understand it in your heart that someone else only has a penny, a dollar to them is a fortune. And please, whether you give $1 …or $100.000…if you only give to receive, you really have given nothing.
Acts 20:35
“I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Everyone needs something, and some need cash, eh? I never have enough to get thru the month.
Just remember, there are some that only need help walking across an intersection…or only need a hug.

Please give something…somewhere…to someone.

God bless you


Paypal’d Kevin. Kevin has done so much for others. I’m honored to help a guy like him out.

Good on you, Robert, for getting the ball rolling. :+1:


I really didn’t/don’t know him very well, the shit hit the fan when I first came on here, I spoke to him briefly mainly commenting on his amazing set up, but he seemed cool, and he was clearly highly respected by the people I have since become friends with on here, But more than that, I have been there, that place where you think you have hit the floor…then the floor opens…then opens again…and again…and so on.
I didn’t have anything like this then, but seeing this happen, seeing his friends rally round, seeing people he’s never met and in some cases never even spoken to come together to give and to help…man that’s a beautiful thing.
A really really beautiful thing to see.
I really hope things come good for him, I have given a little bit but my Vape mail has stopped for now and I’ll see if I have anything more to give in a couple of weeks, I’m getting the impression this won’t be a quick fix for him so, I think this thread needs to keep going for a while.
Faith in humanity restored.
I am very proud to be a part of this forum, it’s shown me something that I wasn’t sure existed anymore. Much love to the ELR family :heart:


I agree, Rome was not built in a day.
Please help keep it alive, and fresh.

[“Faith in humanity … it’s shown me something that I wasn’t sure existed anymore…A really really beautiful thing to see…”]

It really still exists, all over the world, if we will just open and see…


What’s the deal with sending Vape gear to the states? is it difficult with your laws? I mean I have some RDA’s, Ti wire, few bits and bobs but probably not worth the cost of sending it over, but there is a few of us brits on ELR now I’m just thinking how hard would it be for us to send all our spare bits and pieces to one UK address and then club together to ship it over…might be worth it then I dunno…


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