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ELR Member Needs Help 💔


Why not reach out to him directly? His email is in the first post.


I sent him a msg in two places.
He has his son this weekend, something that hasn’t happened in a long time, so he is probably focused on that.
This is his e-mail: krowe33@gmail.com
Thank you, Russ.


Thanks guys, I didn’t see the email up top. I just sent him an email!


PayPal done. Don’t really know what to say but hope it helps


Love ya brother

House was robbed today =(

Please, don’t let this thread get buried.


Can’t help too much financially right now. My debit card was hacked into for 250.00 (the bank replaced every penny but cancelled my card and I’m waiting on a new one to arrive), but I do have a bunch of TI and Nickel wire that I would be more than happy to sent out. Think that would help?


@Pugs1970, @ozo and @SthrnMixer: you guys are killin’ me ovah here!
I can’t stop laughing…


PP Done…


How is it going? Any news from Kevin?I hope the PPs are dripping in and things calmed down a bit?


Oh yes. I think it’s post# 75 where he popped in to say thanks.


Hrhr yes I’ve seen that but I’m impatient :smiley:


Im so glad to know that you are still around, my friend. I wish that i could help, monetarily, but we are hurting a bit around here. That 1993 car of mine that we talked about has been eating money and now it is back in the shop again for another 5 hundo… At some point it will be totally brand new again!

I hope you have a great weekend with little LV. I also hope that things get better for you quickly, you are a great guy and dont deserve the pain in your path.


My girl and I are struggling pretty seriously right now, also, but I will talk to her and see if there is anything we can do to help also. Can’t promise anything, except I will certainly try to help any way we are able. He was one of the many here to help me start my diy and I would love to return the favor.
Things I have I can part with include some flavorings, 250’ of 26g SS316, 30ml glass bottles with childproof droppers, pipettes, vg (that he actually got me a lifetime supply of by mistake lmao), and I have many 26/32 ss316 Clapton coils made (.52ohm each, could send couple 10 packs I have made up)
Might also be able to manage a small Giftcard ($20-30) to anywhere you prefer whether it be a store for daily life stuff or vape specific, your call. Or PayPal instead of Giftcard if preferred… Wish I could do more. If I had more vape gear I’d send some but I’m down to one setup again myself.


Mike I can speak for LV here. There’s no way he would want anyone who is having it tough to do anything for him. It’s one thing to give up some vape budget to help someone, but it’s another thing entirely to sacrifice when you’re already having difficulties. Just sayin. :wink:


What little I can offer won’t effect me negatively to be without. Any money I donate would come directly from juice and coil sale profits I’ve made, which I wouldn’t have in the first place if it weren’t for him and elr so I am more than willing. I insist. May take a day or two to work out details with my lady, and get something together, but I certainly will.


Bump worthy


Please, keep it fresh, and on your mind
To help another would be so kind

The one in need has been so true
He would do the same for you

His hopes have now been led astray
By a darkened sadder day

He needs to be lifted above
His current fate in loss for love

Send him prayers, money too
He would do the same…if it were you.

[he has already done so…MANY TIMES]
If anyone on ELR deserves help…Kevin does.

Please send something…surely anyone can find $5

I will be watching the Vape Mail coming in…not that anyone owes anything to
helping anyone, and I don’t necessarily judge others…but I will be watching.
Yes, he has been offered a sanctuary here in my home, if it gets beyond his control.


You can send to his PayPal account at krowe33@gmail.com


I wanted to come here and update everyone. I think I have a pretty good job lined up. Right now I was offered a position temporarily as a consultant. It’s just a few hours here and there but will really help out. He wants me to go full time and is willing to create a position for me within the company. That should happen in the next couple weeks.

So I wanted to come here and thank everyone for the tremendous support. Please don’t send any more donations. Because thanks to all of you guys and finally finding someplace near me to work I am feeling I will be able to make it through this. I have been so scared of becoming homeless these past few weeks. That fear is gone. Life will hopefully return to a more normal comfort zone very soon.

God bless every one of you! I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to have found this forum and met the most loving and caring group of people on the face of the Earth. I have never seen such generosity from a group of people in all my life. You are my family and I have missed you all so much. I am back now and it’s all thanks to you!