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ELR Member Needs Help 💔


Simple fix…give her a hug, but say it’s from me…".Ozo in Essex, remember your holiday"…
and she will instantly quiet down, eh?
Don’t mention I said she had bird legs, but still, she is a looker.
It was just tea…even at 3:00…trust me. :smile_cat:


Ok I said what you told me to say…

she just farted and rolled over…

What does that even mean…??

(apart from us eating kebabs on our way home from a fireworks display at my friends farm was really bad idea…i may have to go downstairs for 10 minutes :mask:…woooft)


Nip that shit in the bud. Put her in the Dutch Oven. :slight_smile:


Cmon man, you know the rules of a Dutch oven

  1. You cannot Dutch Oven someone with their own trouser cough.
  2. we still can’t talk about fightclub.

These are set in stone dude you know this…


That particular set of rules either didn’t make it across the pond, or otherwise do not apply in my specific domicile. My wife starts cutting the cheese in bed and I summon all my strength to hold her tightly under the covers. Most effective with the friggin silk sheets she loves so much. They might feel good against the skin but breathe about as well as a plastic wrap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


aaaand that’s the Mrs awake again :laughing:

I’m in the doghouse for sure tomorrow lmaooo


Another “simple”…
It was a Gas, Gas. Gas…

They don’t call me ‘Jumpin’ Jack" by accident, eh?

Ya, so what’s new with the birds ?
They all sing the same song…chirp chirp, honey do…chirp chirp…honey didn’t…chirp chirp honey do…chirp chirp…honey don’t…chirp chirp.

What a lovely sound each and every morning…chirp chirp…don’t the birds EVER stop ?

The [chirping] you get…for the [chirping] you got.

Don’t bother me none, me none, me none…I have been married for over 700 years ! I am used to it !!!


Done da PayPal …every little bit helps. Hope you’re out of the shit soon m’Lord.


Simple answer is…cash to paypal will help the most overall, gift cards to Bull City and EcigX will be the easiest for flavors. Anything else you wish to box and send will just be icing on the cake. Mail him some cookies, eh?

His PayPal account is krowe33@gmail.com

The best way to help him with getting flavors is to get a gift card for him at
Bull City http://www.bullcityflavors.com/
EcigXpress https://www.ecigexpress.com/
He will get an e-mail from them that he has a gift card to use.

Kevin Rowe
3850 N. 25th St Apt #25
Terre Haute, IN 47805

If anyone of us is truly worthy of help here on ELR. LordVapor is.


You should let people know what he does for work because money is great but a job would be much better. List what he does where he lives and hpow far he is willing to travel and maybe someone on here can get him a job.


Bull City asks for the recipient’s Email. Is it the same one? I have a care package set up for him but I may not be able to mail it until Tuesday when my son is taking me out to vote. It’s hard for me to get around sometimes.



Yes, same as his PayPal acct.


Thanks! :wink:


Yes, good idea…
Just waiting on his response.
He has his son this weekend…something that hasn’t happened for a long, long time,
so he may be busy.
And, all he has is a crappy little phone to communicate on.


I can’t thank you guys enough for your generosity and kindness. You all saved me. Words could never describe how grateful I am to have caring and compasionate friends like the ones I have here. I can’t thank you enough.

I can’t get online much on my phone. But I needed to tell you guys how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I feel so blessed right now to be a part of this very wonderful community.

I have my son this weekend, and it has been awhile since I have seen him. I have been so reluctant to spend a dime on anything not needed for fear I was not being able to get rent paid. Now today I can take my son to the children’s museum here.

I have never been without work. But the town I am now stranded in has nothing to offer. I never would have thought this would happen to me. So I wasn’t prepared. @SthrnMixer here has been so kind to set me up with a job contact that may be able to help me out. So I have some hope finally. Thank you brother. And may God bless each and every one of you for the kindness you have all shown me. I love you guys, and I will get though this thanks to you.


I love you too, Brother.


Hey guys, I’m a corporate recruiter and own our own agency. Maybe we can help him find work. Depends on what he does and where he is but its worth a shot.


His description says, “I am a Supervisor/Engineer/Programmer/Machinist at a small race shop in Brownsburg Indiana” :smiley:


That’s AWESOME! We specialize in Engineers! If he has PLC Programming, that is a huge plus too! If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, he can go to our website www.Rususasearch.com and we can connect!


I just feel so good you were able to get help you needed, when you needed it. and I know you’re the kind of person used to helping rather than being helped. All I can say is you have to get over yourself. No one is immune to hardship. And I hope anyone reading this who feels compelled to help will do so.

Even if you started work tomorrow, it will be a bit before you have your sea legs back.

We love you too buddy. Don’t forget it! :slight_smile: