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ELR Please Help one of our own


I’ll donate next months vape budget money, in whatever form or method is preferable.


I’m in I just let me know about a paypal or go fund me or what ever…as soon as the first is here I will be glad to pitch in…


Count me in.


I’ll gladly donate or send vape gear, but I’m not in the US so I think a go fund me or the like is the best option.


Ive read some posts and saw some of the things he likes. I think I have some stuff he’ll use.


I’m new here but I’ll kick in a few bucks or whatever!


Im not in the US to do post so ill gladly jump in with paypal or what ever is preferred.


Yeah, being here in Oz makes it a little difficult to post stuff but more than happy to chuck something into the kitty for our good mate. I’ll keep checking in for the PayPal or GoFundMe (or whatever) details. Cheers…


I would love to help! I am not sure what I can contribute yet because I am still trying to get back on my feet after suffering some major losses of my own, but when there is more information available, I will absolutely help in some way.


I won’t pledge my vape budget for next month because then he will get nothing but I will put up some money when there is a Paypal or GoFundMe thing going.


Count me in. I can def do paypal. I’ll keep on eye in the thread for the address. Thanks for the heads up @woftam


My December vape budget is his. Thanks for doing this @woftam .


I’m in, on this side of the world PayPal will be the best that we can do.


At the moment we do not have any paypal details but please consider some of the following.

It hasn’t been spoken about in public yet but in addition to @ecigexpress awesome promise of a $30 coupon and a HUGE PIF box of flavours @Nicotine_River have kicked in a $250 coupon. Two amazing vendors who are regulars here Thank you for your contributions.

@Nicotine_River has gift card available that I believe the code can be transferred this is another option.

We are still trying to think of a way to get physical goods to him if you live close and can supply me with an address you don’t mind making public please contact me (post office box or something similar). Or if you have an idea please share it.


donated to go fund me … ty for doing this @woftam and @Alisa and anyone who helps in any way possible , @Nicotine_River and @ecigexpress amazing what you have done this entire thing is pure beauty…


Some kind of raffle on a separate thread could genarate a lot of interest , kind of like the Whiterose raffles ???


We need a prize :grin:


Thank you @Alisa for setting up the go fund me!


I have a whiterose i dont use … or i have multiple mods and tanks still in packages , i get off work in an hour ill go home and PM you some of the things i have , i would put up prize , but im not computer savvvy enough to do the raffle so i would need help .,…


That would be awesome brother let me know and we can get it done.