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ELR Please Help one of our own


Some of you will be aware that one of our own lost everything in the Cali fire where the town of Paradise was obliterated.

I am hoping that we can help him out with at least replacing some of his gear and flavours - it will go nowhere near to making him and his family whole again but the best we can hope for is a gesture to show that we are thinking of him and his family in a time of extreme stress.

What can you do?

Well since I don’t have a paypal address for @paingawd we have some plans in the works to enable you to donate a small amount (large if you want) - We will post up some details here shortly.

In the meantime I would like to invite our vendors & members to help out in any way they can - please post in this thread if you are able to help out.

$ donations, coupons, giftcards, PIF flavours & gear will all be accepted we will work out how to get everything to him when we can (and when things have settled down for him)

ELR this is a chance for all to show how we can look after our own when the chips are down.

Gofundme can be found here

EDIT by Alisa:
I’m sure our @woftam won’t mind me editing this post to link to an update. (or he can spank me later… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Update on paingawd's state of affairs

I will donate for sure. I can do the Druga kit (brand new). I have some MTL devices too. I can also donate at least 10 concentrates. I have a stick prince I can do also. It comes with the v12 prince and an rba head. Oh, and I can make some coils too.


Legend mate. Thanks - we will sort out a where to send as soon as we can.


Shipping gear from my neck of the woods is not easy, but do let me know if there is a go fund me or paypal or similar. I will definitely chip in


oh ya, I can do something like this also. These are just two of them, I have at least 20 different flavors. I can DM @paingawd a list.



Of course I’ll chip in, gear or monetary whichever works, let me know which :+1:


I’m in… whatever I can do.


Im in … just let me know what is needed , when and where to send ty…


I’m IN with these two guys ^^^^^^


Let me know how I can help.


Let’s make sure @paingawd has PayPal or gofundme quick fast and in a hurry. I know not everyone can offer cash but for those who can, well we need a way to get it to him and family.


I have 240ml of 100mg nic in the freezer he’s welcome to.


Outstanding point @SthrnMixer. I’ve PM’d back and forth with him, but haven’t mentioned “this” yet, and because of that, I do not know his DESIRED method. I’m quite sure he’ll be needing some vaping (everything), but don’t know if he PayPal’s, or GoFundMe’s at this time.


Also could do with knowing an address where he can receive packages for those who can’t give money :+1:


Can anyone tell us what type of atty he prefers?


In !! Lemme know if we get a PayPal address please.


awaiting more info, sounds good to me, im in


I can certainly help in whatever way i can. just let me know


…like Flynn. I have some unopened PG-based flavors and can ship some finished mixes, too.