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ELR Please Help one of our own


We donated a little bit to Gofundme. wish it is was more… @paingawd has been a helpful, honest and supportive presence for as long as we can remember here. Gofundme was a excellent idea though, Kudos to @alisa for setting that up.


Yes, thank you a TON @Alisa, and @woftam I’m sorry I’m so busy right now, and could not set it up, my apologies. Another big thank you out to @ecigexpress and @Nicotine_River for really helping kick this thing off, and thanks out to @woftam who has been literally TIRELESS in getting this setup, cannot stress that enough mate, OUTSTANDING, what you are doing here.

@woftam, I might be able to help you out with that, and I will PM you about that now.

And @ecigexpress AGAIN, very generous of you guys, thank you very much. And out to ALL of the ELR members who are ALREADY flooding this thread, thank you guys, and gals as well. I hope to hear from @paingawd soon !!!


Donated, let’s get this party started !!!


I’ll match you @fidalgo_vapes. As soon as it lands at home base, I will raffle off a new QP Design gold Fatality RTA. Stay tuned everyone, there’s going to be some RAFFLES up in here !!!



Done and done.


what is this VC website ? never heard of it , but its super cool to see whomever looking out for a fellow vaper


It is Grubby’s


oh yes i remember him mentioning this awhile back… good for him


Not a lot but it’ll help!!

Well done @Alisa !
I put it on FB as well, you’ll never know…


@lv3shf everything helps, thank you very much.


When I started vaping in Dec 2015, cigarettes here in Oz were around the $30.00 mark if my memory serves me correctly so obviously I have been able to save a few shekels since then. More than happy to part with some of that to help out an ELR family member and an all round good bloke. Given @paingawd’s taste in music, why wouldn’t you eh? :grinning: Anyways, the gofundme donation (my first ever) is done and done! Thanks to @woftam and @Alisa for getting things moving and everyone else (too many to mention) who will be donating hardware, juice and the like. Only been here a short while and don’t know you all that well but I reckon you all have hearts of gold! :hugs: Cheers y’all.


Thanks Alisa for opening the gofundme.


I can’t help with cash but I could send him all these flavors, rather than selling them. (Let me know if you haven’t seen my for sale topic, it’s in the Saloon.)

The problem is 1 - experimenting with a ton of new flavors is probably the last thing on his mind and 2 - does anyone know if he has an address yet? If he does and he wants them, I can send the care package to him. Otherwise just to keep it simple, anyone in the US who PMs me a receipt for $75 or more toward his Gofundme I will send them to you.


No address yet. Hoping to get a PO Box from him soon, but I don’t know when. Your offer to a GoFundME donator is awesome though!


Cash is tight for me this time of year but it’s nothing compared to what he and his family must be going through. This is so devastating I can’t even imagine. To be fair I should say that @Patti_R already has first dibs on this offer because she was hoping to be able to buy the flavors and also she mentioned wishing to help. It’s an honor to be a part of this community, you’re all amazing folks. :heart:


Generosity in abundance! I’m honored to be among such stand out people!


Thanks to @woftam and @Alisa for starting the GoFundMe link.

I donated what I could.

Vapors supporting Vapors


Wooo Hooo !!!

$680 of $1,000 goal


Raised by 16 people in 1 day

Wow, great job guys !!!