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ELR Please Help one of our own


@paingawd our prayers are with you and your family. please check your PM.

We really blessed that we have such a great ELR family. Thanks you so much @SessionDrummer @Alisa @woftam @SthrnMixer @ecigexpress @Nicotine_River @mjag and all others who are helping our brother @paingawd. May God almighty always bless you and your loved one. Amen


@paingawd look like USPS are listing/reading our conversation :grinning: They changed delivery time from Monday November 26 to Friday November 23.


I really want to thank @HealthCabin for donating a Lost Vape Modefined Draco 200W Box Mod To @paingawd.


Happy Thanksgiving day, wish you a safe and happy day with your family. The package already shipped, hope Grey can receive it soon.


Thank you as well @HealthCabin, very generous of you.


@Elites I hope yours and mine reaches @paingawd both on Friday !!!



Breh-I’m gonna need some engineering courses to learn how to open the damn thing!

Will be posting later…


Thank you so very, very much! I’m honored.


do you still need that bravo rta i talked about? was going to shipped it tomorrow. let me know what you mostly need


I would like to also than @Doris_2Fdeal from https://www.2fdeal.com for suppling @paingawd with a Vaporesso Tarot Baby Kit


You guys are awesome thanks so much