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ELR Please Help one of our own


And I see that the campaign has exceeded the goal, which is too cool. Generosity around here is astonishing.


I just wish i could have donated more than I did but…


EVERY dollar helps and he is grateful beyond words, he told me. :slight_smile:


I’m so glad everyone came through get her and helped out.


Just donated and am in California too so @paingawd let me know what you need hardware and juice wise and I will get it out to you asap. Any other items feel free to ask as I am just shipping from 8 hours away.

Thank you to @woftam to alerting me to this and organising it and @Alisa for setting up the go fund me page…awesome people here!


UPDATE !!! ---- @fidalgo_vapes, @woftam, and I are taking care of the mod/rta/coil making kit (rebuild kit), so he is probably going to be in need of batteries, and a charger. I just didn’t want to see him end up with like SIX Coil Master Kits LOL.



I can cover that, just let me know what size batteries and whatever else he needs


Roger that @mjag


I have everything but the vbic, would the TFA vb gelato work at the same percentage?


No idea, Lady. sorry. I would definitely make a tester and see what it’s like!


My little contribution to brother @paingawd which I can provide 1 litter custard, 1 liter tobacco juice and 1 liter some other juices (like Fruity Creams) please let me know what strength NIC he vape?

Thanks so much @woftam and @Alisa letting us knows about @paingawd and setting up go fund me page.

May God bless all people of this awesome community.
Special thanks and prayers for brother @mjag who always provide help to our vaping community


He said this in his recent update, hope that helps. Well done @Elites!


Thanks @Phil_Fish


I can help out with a ( brand new ) Bravo RTA. A bag of cotton bacon. a mini digital scale that’s also brand new.

let me know if this helps. also I don’t get on here much anymore.

please email. (woftam : Removed email)





YAY!!! Thanks, bro!

I wonder if the USPS would be so kind as to slip a cheesesteak from Ishkabibbles in there?


Ahhhh shit @paingawd I was trying to add that in there, but USPS informed me, that THAT, would push me up to the HIGHER manditory insurance coverage !!!


@paingawd Although I am 8 hours far from you and I am hoping it will deliver you before what this shows on tracking . We love you brother.


With as crazy as things have been in both of our regions of the state, I’m impressed that USPS is doing as well as they are. They have opened up the old post office in downtown Chico so that people from the effected areas can still get their mail. It took me about 2 hours of standing in line, but the sheer volume of people that they managed to move through was colossal.

I’m honored to be receiving all of the love from my brothers and sisters here-Thank you so very much! You are the BEST! :hugs:


I was a bit angry at post office because of delivery time (If I drive it will take 8 hours to get there) but they told me you will get it before mentioned time. Let’s hope for the best brother.