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ELR... The Best?


couldn’t have said it better myself. Great site. Thanks @Dan_the_Man looking forward to working with the new flavors.


I know right?

Our family is definitely Matriarchal. My Grandmother was the boss until she passed on, then one of my Aunts took over. I am not sure how women decide these things. No offense ladies but us men do it much easier. The toughest Bad A$$ gets the job. (hopefully he has a smart woman he listens to). See that, I cant help it. Must be the way I was raised.

We have a large family. My Grand Mother had 14 children and 7 are women. Before she left she had 56 Grand children. 17 Great grand children. 5 great great grand children, and 1 great great great grand children.

Don’t know why I blathered on like that, but there it is


Careful now, it’s been my experience that the toughest male would never go against the toughest female. They may win - at first, but the women in my family let it steep. Then before you know it…BAM! right between the eyes :exploding_head:


There’s no decision. One woman just steps up and the rest talk shit behind her back. At least, that’s my experience. :joy:


Oh so so true! Being the only male in the family with 5 females, I can certainly attest to that!


I feel your pain I have 3 older sisters and they all think they are my mother!


Mine are all younger and they feel the same LOL


I didn’t even know there was a forum until 6 months after I had created an ELR account. Everyone I have encountered has been extremely pleasant and doesn’t make you feel like an idiot when you have a question. Thanks all for your kind advise.


It took me a month and a half to see that there is a forum and another to start reading. Now I’m stuck here for good. :smile:


@KrisKing84 and @Laberythm You both bring up the same good point. Maybe we could talk @daath into making some prominent plug the the forums over on the recipe side, so more people know, earlier on maybe.


Right. I had visited another forum before this one (not going to mention which one) but everyone seemed to have their thumb in their butt and always had something snarky to comment. I was new to DIY (still am) and they treated me like I was an idiot and I should have already known everything there is to know. I like it here! Where is my room? LOL


Yes. Maybe even just highlighting the forum drop down so it sticks out a little more.


It’s been great watching this Forum grow. Watching rotating crops of new folks help the newest of the newcomers. Paying it forward in so many ways …truly uplifting beyond just e-juice recipe sharing.


Ahh, ECF? Lol.

Glad you found the forums here. It is the best place!


Well said.


I was thinking the one that started with /r/…


Just wanted to give my thanks. I started here After i spent a bunch of money on a lot of flavors i barely even use. Wish i came here first!
Anyways, i wanted to especially thank everyone who contributes in sharing flavor notes. That is so important to me, i never buy anything without checking the notes here first.
I really had no idea what i was doing before i came here and im still relatively a novice but at least now i learn from you guys’s missteps and successes. I just dont think i would still be into diy if it wasnt for this site. No way.


I’m quite new yet have received honest, helpful feedback from the community already. Moreover, it seems that even though I’m new and unknown, people have read my advice posts with a clear lens and not just discarded it because of my short life here and very limited status. It does seem to be the best mixing community around. I’ve seen too many forums where new voices are glossed over and pushed aside, but I haven’t seen that here. That is how you build a community, and not just a bunch of members.


And that’s one more of the reasons why I love this place. Everyone here understands that new and dumb aren’t the same thing. I love the respect I have been given and try to give it back in return. So TW welcome and happy to meet you!


@GPC2012 I’m old and stupid, and except for @Cutlass92 no one’s made fun of me yet …