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ENDED - Win 218W Smoant Charon, An Original Hype Power Mod


Do you ever imagine a hype power mod comes only with variable voltage mod? Well the Smoant Charon is such a one with 218w output power. It features 5 voltage levels for adjustment. Also, this mod is very safe to use, low resistance protection, battery reverse protection, temperature protection, overheating protection are all loaded inside of this little mod. Besides, it has very high quality leather to give you a premium grip feeling. The build quality is also nice. Moreover, it is very affordable to have. Wanna give this original hype power a try? Now Heaven Gifts prepares 1 set of Smoant Charon to give away! Don’t be hesitated to join!

To enter:

  1. Which vape reviewer you like best worldwide? Why?
  2. Does your place have any e-cigarette sale limitation? If so, what is it;If not, simply reply “Smoant Charon
  3. Play Word Chain: comment one word and the word should be related to e-juice flavor. One word per post and the word has to begin with the last letter of the previous word commented.


If you draw a blank then post
‘Smoant Charon’
Next post will start with Letter ‘N’
4.Tag 2 of your friends here.


  1. We use random.org to select winner on July 7, 2017.
  2. We require at least 25 participants.
  3. You can enter as much as you want, just please wait for someone else to post before you post your second entry.
  4. Number your entry, for instance: #Post 1


Let me start this one.

I like @Steampugs because he is funny :rofl:


Since Pugs was already mentioned how about Phil Busardo
Smoant Charon
Vanilla Custard
@Sprkslfly @Bikerdude


Dark for Pipe


No tanks larger than 2ml and no e-liquid bottles larger than 10ml plus no nicotine levels above 20ml/mg :roll_eyes:


Ok since Pugs and Phil are taken I’ll go with Mike Vapes ( I think he gives honest reviews )
Smoant Charon

Sorry I can no find a flavor starting with the letter E … Smoant Charon

@Pattie @wvsanta


Post number one
My favorite reviewer is Ohmboy Josh. He will review a product even if he doesn’t like it.
smoant charon
Elder Captain (hangsen tobacco flavor)
@heatho72 @TheTinMan1


Thanks for the tag @Rob62 but i won the last one so I’ll sit this one out.
Good luck to everyone though! :+1::blush:


Bless you guys, you’re so awesome, Thank you!!..

I already have this mod though I’m testing it for review :wink: so I’ll sit this one out…(it’s very good by the way)

Have fun and good luck all!!:wink::grin::ok_hand::+1:


@Lolly @VapeyMama


Nangka (INW)


@Steampugs - because they are entertaining but informative and I trust his judgment.


Same as @Josephine_van_Rijn :+1:


Apple Pie (FA)

Forgot tagging :grin:

@Underanne @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @GPC2012 @tbt127 @Laura5 @jhmiller @mikelej14 @Weanlaw @Mew


#Post 1

Elderflower (FLV)


#Post 2

I have always enjoyed Pauly Meatballs photographic reviews of mods and tanks


#Post 3

TPD here in the UK has affected us in strength of Nicotine, we can buy and tank capacities. But pre stocking Nicotine has helped me allay fears about nicotine for the next 2-3 years.


#Post 4

Heavengifts giveway on ELR @Grubby @BathVaper


Rhubarb (INW)


Bavarian Cream (LA)