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Expansion of Stash


I think that light one you have could be the vg version? I mix it 6% minmun up to 12% depending how maple forward i want the mix. I hot bath all my mixes should be ready after 7days , 4 weeks will bring out the full nuances however…


have you tried any WF flaves yet ???


btw i could add more MF flaves but they always seem to be ignored due to price


My regular french toast definitely the sc, its not thick at all… I’ll have to mix up a sf of the dark stuff to compare.

And thanks! I also have the vg eggnog French toast which is supposedly the same as the regular but with eggnog rather than just egg. I think I’ll try it at 12% and see if I get better results. I mixed it at 7% before (I think…) and was completely uunderwhelmed.


I hope that you want to expand on your stash because you are wanting to explore with other flavors and such and not because someone tells you that if you only use certain flavors from certain suppliers that you lack depth and not an elite mixer.

I use those main ones as you mentioned and I’m happy with it, I don’t need depth.
At the end of the day you are mixing for yourself and if you enjoy it then that’s all it matters.


I kinda started a stash expansion a couple years ago, but in all actuality it ended up as a Flavor Stash reduction. These are some I found to be among the best IMO from tons of testing and research…


Nope, not yet.


me either my list is too long with older flaves to even consider it


Lol when I win the lottery I’ll be all over them… :joy: Too many flavors to try…always.


I am a super taster/smeller lol so that may explain my satisfaction with the Vg versions. I just find them to have a better balance of flavor(especially the bakeries) Have you tried adding a % or 2 of Erythritol or a few drops of pyure to them? Maybe this is why they pop for me. Also PG versions are due out soon Im hoping they are closer to VG versions only stronger…


I’ve added pyure to some of the fruits and that was hit or miss. I’ll try adding sweetener with that eggnog ft and see if it helps it pop.


I’ll second that. :wink:


It’s someone who I’ve come to trust and respect greatly, and he’s probably quite right. He’s an elite mixer and knows enough to know that was a true statement to make. I was not offended at all, rather I was enlightened. It was more of a reckoning that made me think about it. It makes sense. I like what I mix but it doesn’t compare to the best vendor juices I’ve had, and I’d like to up my game; I’m clearly lacking what I call ‘depth’, and it may well be tied to a limited stash. I appreciate your thoughts though.


ive been adding a 80/20 mix of Erythritol and LS pyure to mixes and its worked well i made up 10ml of this mix to use and think ill continue to use this mix as my sweetener


Yeap, to each their own. There is no right or wrong way, that’s the beauty of it.
Do what you want and what is comfortable and most importantly, have fun. Some people tend to take it too seriously sometimes and it will become a grind. Good luck and hope you can come up with some awesome recipes.


You have some excellent sugggestiona from @fidalgo_vapes

After that there are lots of good concentrates not listed. If you want to expand. Run a search on the flavor side. Pull up all inw flavors, sort by most used and you will see the top flavors people use for inw. This is not fool proof but a good starting point.

Honorable mentions not above . Kiwi inw (available at NR). Orange shisha inw. I think some like dragonfruit inw above tfa.

Above all. Premium doesn’t translate always to the concentrate but how you use it. However, having other options makes mixing easier compared to only having just cap and tfa in your stash.


I am certain that you guys are right in that HOW you mix is equally as important as WHAT you mix, and I’m not about to lay blame on my ordinary recipe creations to just the flavors alone. But I still think part of being a ‘better’ mixer does actually mean a more expanded stash, at least from a manufacturer standpoint. But you’re spot on; even the “premiumiest” concentrates will not shine if used improperly. I can say from experience that just combining different versions of the same thing (like 3 different strawberries) makes most of my recipes better to me. Which is the mix, not the concentrates’ flavor.

I have a lot of work to do, but one area is the stash so I will find this thread and your suggestions most useful.


I was inferring to the SC version, notes I have (and I think I copied some from someone else):

Tested at 1.5 % in a tester. Nice full flavor as a stand alone at that percentage, had a very similar taste as the “Bread Pudding” variant but this seems to be a bit smoother.
May go well with a cream or a marshmallow addition although it is a touch sweet on it’s own as it is.
I just finger tasted that tester, and I’m getting mostly a syrup/maple taste a slight bite on the back side of my tongue… if push came to shove and I was relating this to French Toast I would say it does kinda taste like French toast that didn’t get fully browned and you had put a good amount of butter and syrup on top. Not really bad, but more of a soggy french toast… We are talking about a single flavor ingredient and we are talking that the flavor has held up well for 3.5 months also.

The VG version of Bread Pudding (RF) is very good imho… esp if a touch of cream is added.


I’m the same way with the cookies and cream! My palate dont seem to think its for me either :frowning:


RF Pineapple, RF Peach and FLV Banana are some that I always keep on hand.