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Your No.1 Flavor Choices


A while ago some of us attempted to put together a list of top flavors. There was some head butting because we all have different preferences. Here’s a opportunity to make your top flavor choices known.

I kinda wrestled with a format for how replies can be posted and I just figured let the user provide whatever format they want to use.

I’ll kick this off with a format that works for me…

My go to _________…

Milk Chocolate




Pie Crust


Blue Raspberry

Brown Sugar






Whipped Cream




Graham Cracker






Lemon Lime









Oatmeal Cookie


Peanut Butter











Best Super concentrate brand
Expansion of Stash
Should I start mixing again?
TOP 3 of Each Brand?

RFSC graham cracker ??? ive went through a bunch and just recently bought FW GC is the RFSC that good ?? does it hold up for a long time


You ended up gettin this one! (It’s been a while since we talked about it, but glad you liked it and I didn’t waste your time and $, hehe)
I was shocked with EF on their mangos, since I really don’t like their fruits


I’ve only tried Cap and TPA GC. IMO the SC RF tastes more accurate.

I’ve been thru a ton of mangoes, but that yellow outshines them all.


Cheesecake -
Flavor Base by Tex



Completely agree with this. I ended up giving away the other GC’s that i have, was no reason to keep them after using the RFSC. The main mix i use it in called for 1.5% GC Clear TPA, i sub with .3% GC RFSC so it is a bit more potent.


well now that you and PV have put your stamp of approval on this i may have to find a vendor who sells it in the 10ml amount


Pm me an address and I’ll send you a bottle. As usual, I went overboard and have more than I need.


My go to butter:



I’ve been dabbling with Golden Butter CAP with limited success. I’m putting Butter FA on my Shopping List. Thanks for your reply!


Shoot me a message if you can find some place that has it in stock.


Shala, from chat, posted this link: https://www.diyvaporsupply.com/butter-fa/

Thank you Shala. :slight_smile:


Looks like I’ll have to wait until I need more flavors…


#worthit :+1: :joy:


When I started this tread I hoped it would take hold as it offered an opportunity for members to post the flavors that most appeal to them. For some reason very few chose to post what flavors works best for them. IMO this would offer an easy shortcut for some members that’s seeking alternatives from their norm.

Most times when flavor help is requested, there are more than enough replies and IMO it can become really confusing for one person to choose from. But when given an opportunity to post what flavors really works for you, only a few can offer a reply.

I have always taken a proactive approach to helping members. I think giving them tools to learn from makes for a lot less repetition of common questions. It can also be a 1st step into finally compiling a list of ELR Top Flavors by it’s members. I also believe it’ll be very helpful to newer members and those that choose to follow you.


My favorites in no particular order-
RF SC Pineapple
FLV Banana
TFA Jackfruit
MF Peach
INW Cherries
INW Black Cherry For Pipe
LB Vanilla Ice Cream
FA Cream Whipped


Thanks for posting @NChris. I’ve noticed we have some faves in common.


Yes we do. Cherries and Pineapple in particular. INW Cherries is the only cherry I’ve had success with and I think it is a great flavor. RF SC Pineapple I just can’t do without. It may be my favorite flavor, or at least tied with MF Peach. I love MF Peach!


My faves would probably be

Cap sweet guava
TPA honeydew ( original )
RFSC strawberry milkshake
FA cream whipped
MF vanilla
MF lemon
LB vanilla ice cream
INW biscuit
FW blueberry ( very new to me but love it )
FW yellow cake ( yes i know , but im not scared o truly love this flave )

i think ill have to think about some others this is off the top of my head


It is hard to remember all the flavors I love. I scrolled down my Flavor Stash in a separate tab, then click my fave and copied and pasted a link to each one of my favorites… hope this helps.