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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Very nice build :wink:
Do i get this correctly or do we get another shot on this wonderfull piece ??


It may not be identical but yes…

Mod and Lipo charger :+1:


Sweet !
Thx Miss Lolly and happy newyear to both of you.
6pm EST is 2018 @ GMT +1 :tada: :tada::tada: so i will see it afterwards :wink:
Happy new year to all


How could I have forgotten our mods?!? Hard working and always there in a flash when there’s a problem! They are part technical support and part organizers. And, with this bunch, part zookeepers, because of our constant joking that seems to either turn into innuendos or derailing! :joy:


OMG that is amazing! Also didn’t get a chance to congratulate @SthrnMixer so congrats bro and also thanks again for another chance to win @Whiterose0818 and anonymous! Also shout out to @Lolly for all she’s done!


Thanks to all who have donated and HAPPY NEW YEAR Be Safe and Count me in.


Weeeee so excited!


HO! HO! HOLY CRAP!!! There IS a Santa Claus!!!

Whiterose New Year! HUZZAH!

Thanks, kind stranger and Whiterose!


Happy Whiterose New years…I would like to thank Whiterose and the secret donator for doing this and ringing in some ones New Year with such a great gift…

May it be a Happy New Year for every one here…


Dang there are some really wonderful and generous people here. Good luck to you all and Happy New Year!


Are you entering this one Jim?


I do not own one of those beautiful WhiteRose pieces of art yet, but I have been very blessed this year with a lot of hardware. So my chance goes to someone else. I’ll get one someday :slight_smile:


Not sure if I read it right that the previous list is being used for this one. But just in case…Happy Whiterose New Year! :tada:


You read correctly bro! :+1::smiley:


I must of missed the memo… but when do they open these cages so we can go look at the zoo?


This is very generous of all those involved. @Whiterose0818, @Lolly, our gracious, anonymous donor, and everyone that makes this forum possible. Thank you all.

Happy Whiterose New Year, everyone!!


Just over 3 hours left to get your name on that list peoples :grinning::tada::tada::tada:


How exciting!! Happy new year!! Be safe friends. :slight_smile:


THAT, is really something (or “sumpin’” as my uncle would say). Congrats again


Who let you into my multi-media room?