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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!

Thanks @Lolly, @Whiterose0818 our anonymous benefactor.


WHITEROSE CHRISTMAS I hope I done this correct to enter the comp


WHITEROSE CHRISTMAS happy new year everyone


Is anyone else thinking wondering if @Whiterose0818 is wide awake? Let me see… where IS that phone #? Lol.


Good luck everyone!
Thank you @Whiterose0818, @Lolly and the anonymous donor!

I want to wish all a Healthy and Happy New Year!!!


I’m awake, I’m awake.
I’ll be awake for the midnight drawing. I’m feeling fine!! :sunglasses:
@Lolly is the list up to date?


Lol. Will see old man.


I awake

Have a happy white rose new year




Happy 2018 everyone.

Watching season 5 episode 3 of earth final conflict


Such an awesome show that I completely forgot about! Happy new year!


We have a winner!!!

For some reason I am unable to tag this person.
Contact me and we will get you lined up!!!
Happy New Year Fam!
Much Love!!!


grats @Igatesca…and thks @Whiterose0818, @Lolly and that anon pep, Happy new year all!!


@lgatesca congrats


Grats @lgatesca


Happy new year everyone!!!


Congrats @lgatesca! Welcome to the wonderfull land of LiPo! If it’s your first visit, you’ll never be the same! Thanks @Whiterose0818 and everyone who made this possible.


Wow I don’t think I’ve ever won any type of raffle in my life! I don’t post a whole lot but I’m on here daily! Thanks everyone!


Congrats!! And thanks to the generous person who donated such a great gift!! Ty @Whiterose0818 I’m saving up for one for myself!!! And ty @Lolly for being a great host !!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!


Congrats @lgatesca
Happy new year all!