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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Congrats! If you get something half this nice you’ll be in heaven. Oh let’s be honest. I’m just looking for any opportunity to show off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations @lgatesca!

Thanks to all who made this opportunity possible. Have a happy new year everyone!


Happy New Years and congrats!


Congrats @lgatesca and Happy new year to all


Congratulations @lgatesca :raised_hands:
Great Win :rocket:


Congratulations @lgatesca! Enjoy! :tada::tada::tada:


Congrats to @lgatesca and a happy new year to all!


Congratulations to @lgatesca!
Thanks to the anonymous donor, @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly, and I wish all of you a happy new year.


Congrats. Good feeling!


Congrats to @SthrnMixer and @lgatesca on their wins!

Thanks to the the people who donated the awesome gifts!


That a beautiful mod! Its one that deserves to shown off thats for sure :blush::grin: Thanks for the sneak peek!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR and congrats to @lgatesca


My new year celebration was just STELLER I had a muscle spasm took meds and knocked out.
didn’t hear see or know anything that went on at midnight


Sorry to hear that mate hope you are on the mend now.

I had a similar experience but mine was induced by too much devil’s cut.

@lgatesca congrats on the win and thanks to anon and @Whiterose0818 and of course dear @ lolly for running the whole thing.


Congrats to @lgatesca. What a great way to start the New Year! Big thanks to the anonymous donor and to @Lolly for organizing this thing and lastly an extra big thank you to @Whiterose0818 for his time and craftmanship!


Congrats to @lgatesca, note: I came in 4th so look out competitors! Thanks to everyone involved with this great opportunity.


Congrats @lgatesca enjoy it and again a Happy New Year to everybody and special thanks to Anonymous donor, @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly for this awesome gesture.

I was so low on the list my name doesn’t even appear so no worries here competitors :laughing:


Congrats to @lgatesca … again, thank you for your kind offerings @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly (and of course to Anonymous donor). Hope you all have a grand 2018…


Congrats to @lgatesca! Thanks to @Whiterose0818 and the anonymous donor! Happy New Year everyone!


Are you back!?