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EXTENDED I'm Dreaming of a WhiteRose Christmas GIVEAWAY!


Congrats to @lgatesca!

Happy New Year to all!!!


Thanks to @Whiterose0818 @Lolly and our generous donor! and Grats to @Igatesca


Hey I got a bottle of that. Good stuff sometimes anyway. I’m truly a scotch man, Glenlivitt 18my scotch



@woftam As for on the mend awe hell it’s an on going thing started years ago when I listened to my boss instead of my own common sense.


Congrats @lgatesca and thank you @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly
Happy New Years ELR


Congrats @Igatesca! Thanks @Whiterose0818 and the anonymous donor! Great contest.


Not sure but I think I’ve been a real pig.



Congrats @Igatesca and thank you @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly.


Congratulations @lgatesca and thanks @Whiterose0818 and @Lolly for this opportunity!
Happy new year everyone!


congrats what a great way to start your year


Congratz @lgatesca with the unique give away and thank you @Whiterose0818 & @Lolly for this wonderfull giveaway!
Best wishes for 2018 !


Fun run there, generated a good bit of excitement. Thanks! (At least I didn’t have to see my TW12 name in SECOND place this time around. It looked so jealous and dejected.


If you want to try some hemp wick, just search “hemp wicking tutorial” PM me your address. Im low on hemp so this will be my last giveaway for awhile.

Either way, enjoy your new mod. Id suggest a big atomizer. I love the modfather for shear insanity, the cigreen gear for big clouds and flavor…the Fogwind Ally is good, but its a very wet vape ime. The 30mm RDAs hold several ml and blow about 10 clouds…and thats what a lipo mod is for imo. I am lowering my nic and enjoying a few big hits more than the all day every couple of minutes thing.


Ordered a modfather, just impatiently waiting on vapemail! Beautiful mod @Whiterose0818. Can’t wait to try it out. And thanks everyone for the congrats. I’m always amazed with this community. Wish I had more time to participate, but with a full time job and an autistic 2.5 year old Injust don’t have much time to post.


Beautiful :heart_eyes:. Enjoy! :tada:


Very Handsome indeed !


Looks super awesome! Congrats!


25th - dang! :slight_smile:
Congratulations from here and thank you again for this awesome initiative :ok_hand:
Happy new year


Can we still say “sick as tits?”


Only if you have dry fingers and ashy arms.
I was incorrect, it’s actually the knuckles that gets dry!