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Fall & Winter Recipes 2018! (WIP & Favorites)


That’s a good tip, thank you! It’s been a while since I single tested cinnamon roll and I can’t remember if it came off harsh to me or not but I’ll surely keep it in mind. Since you seem to know your RFs well, how long do you usually steep RF SC heavy mixes? More than a 3-4 weeks or do you think that will be sufficient? In all honesty I’ll probably try it before then out of curiosity but I want to give it a fair shake at a good steep, too.


For me, 2 weeks is good, mostly to tell if things are going well, 3 is better. 4 is when the magic really kicks in.

I mentioned the 4 week effect in another thread a while back, that I thought my favorite RF-heavy Pineapple recipe was awesome at 3 weeks, but it totally matured by the 4th week[30 days]. (This might actually be good for Fall, so here it is for reference with my notes:)

Edit: I do have little samples along the way if it’s a WIP: Next morning, Day 3, 1 week, etc. I’ll let a finished recipe go at least 3 weeks before I cave in, but just for a taste. 30 days is the goal.


Next up for this fall…


This mix is a spin off of my Baked Apples recipe. All I added was a thick crust made of Apple Pie FA paired with Pound Cake FLV to thicken and fluff the crust.


I gave in at the end, it was too luring…:joy:

I could have gone slightly higher with the vanillin but wanted to just add a touch.
Now the hard bit…let it steep


I have a new bottle of Eggnog sent by @Flavorah in my last big order so ill start there , i just dont know with what else yet


Welcome to the party! I busted mine out today for a little test drive. Not bad, but I will put 30ml away in a smaller bottle after this “test!” Let me know how yours turns out after a steep!


As a matter of fact not too many recipes with that flavor.
For a more wintery taste next I’ll spicy it up with some Cinnamon roll… I saw people using Egg nog at higher percentages, but personally I could even lower it…


i havent messed with yet , but ill probably do

egg nog (flv)
cinnamon crunch (flv)
VIC (lb)
VCV1 (cap)
Angel food cake (wfsc)

just my initial thought , i do want to add (lb) pumpkin pie , bc i like the spice notes in it , but i usually build a recipe with 3 to 4 flaves then incorporate others for the final version , rarely do i get the first 3 or 4 to be enough

NOTE: i need to buy new test batch bottles bc i cant find mine after i moved


Definitely looks good! Wouldn’t go with the pumpking yet, or just do a separate test bottle, but thinking about it, pumpking might make give it “thickness”!
Good idea


Started working on a spiced apple thing. Kind of tastes like the small shop at the local apple orchard I go to every October. Sort of a medley of autumn scents.


I was really impressed by

Maybe you could try the cinnamon/apple/dragonfruit trick described in recipe notes for your recipe. I am assuming the spiced biscuits are cinnamoney.


The spicy biscuit has more of a ginger and roots type of spice. I am trying to stay away from cinnamon for this one just because I think cinnamon and apple is a little overdone. Though I might check in to the dragonfruit. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


It’s a delicious flavor, reminds me of German Gingerbread, the crumbly kind. Spicy Biscuit is lovely.


I bought this one quite a while ago, but I never even crack the seal on it. I hope it hasn’t gone bad because after reading the flavor notes I want to try it.


Just tried this at 5 weeks steeped and it is definitely a Fall recipe. I boosted the Caramel on a whim to drain the last bit of concentrate I had, and it made the mix much better than before. Sub the Blk Cherry NF for a touch of any good Cherry. It’s just an additive.


That sounds like a really nice Autumn vape.


Thanks! Just looked at the date it was created… mid-October last year! Makes sense that that’s where my head would have been. Let me know if you try it! Edit: early-October! Whoops!


Alright @Iv3shf, I’ve been chasing a great Egg Nog (non-alcoholic) since I started vaping. TFA EN is all I’ve used, have you used that? If so how is FLV different? I’d about fall over if I finally got a great, authentic egg nog juice.


Hi Phil, now i did a couple of tests, based mainly on what other user said about the FLV EN.
I came up with the recipe you saw, it’s still steeping but promising and at a 1 week test I feel it’ll need a bit more milk and maybe some danish swirl or similar to get right there, even if they said that FLV EN was spicy I’ll add a touch (0.2% CAP)
FLV is definitely worth the try and better then TPA’s, probably I’ll be taking off the brown sugar, it makes it too dark, not adding VBIC at the moment…. WIP Phil

BTW I dumped TFA’s EN, too chemical…for my taste


WIP, I understand. But interested and following.

I didn’t find TFA EN chemically at all, rather it was too spicy and not deep and creamy and ‘noggy’ enough, by a long shot. Thanks!