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Fall & Winter Recipes 2018! (WIP & Favorites)


I’m just asking only because I see this type addition regularly when Cinnamon is needed in a recipe. Is this your reason for adding CDS CAP?


If you’re looking for the “noggy” bit even FLV falls short but on the other side it’s not spicy… so it’s easier to work on it.


Yes, even if everybody else can taste it, I can only " sense" some cinnamon spiciness at the end… that’s why on my V2 I’m thinking of adding that 0.2, but consider that’s not properly steeped yet.

Summing up my feelings at a 1 week test, so take them for they are… definitely full bodied though :rofl:


Not directed only to you, but IMO there are other elements in CDS CAP that also influence a mix that can actually derail your mix and cause you to compensate for those off notes. There are a few solid Cinnamon flavors available that will only add the Cinnamon note you need.


You know how much I appreciate your advise.
You’re right, thinking about it whenever I used it, I had to do some tweaks unless was “the” CDS or variations of it.
Unfortunately I’ve never been able to dose Cinnamon by itself correctly and never thought of diluting it as e.g. 10% in PG… food for thoughts…
As usual will we ever thank you enough?


Seeing how this works out. Haven’t tried this specific combo yet, hoping it’s OK. WIP, of course. The purpose of the Smooth is to edge off that excessive spiciness of the TFA EN, kept quite low because I don’t want to mute the volume across the board.


6.75% Eggnog (TPA)
1.75% Pumpkin Spice (TPA)
0.30% Smooth (TPA)
0.60% Vanilla (MF)

Flavor total: 9.4%


I know, one day is one day. But I told my friend about this one and he decided to make it. He said it is a little sweetener away from being sale-able in a shop. This guy knows what he’s talking about so that was stunning. Far as I know, he’s never even bothered to try anything I’ve shown him. I don’t use sweeteners as a rule so I won’t add any, but his declaration made me break into the bottle.

He is on to something. This isn’t classical egg nog, because TFA EN isn’t very close, plus the pumpkin spice is in there. But is really good, I’m surprised. It has a little pumpkin pie filling vibe going on and I really connect with it. The Smooth did exactly what I wanted, cutting the hot spiciness and leaving the sweeter notes. Has a nice clean, pronounced clove note on the exhale I really like too. I see his point about a little sucralose but I just can’t abide its’ coil killing tendencies.

I know, it’s only one day steeped. But it’s got a lot of promise! Not one to toot my own klaxon, but I have wanted a spice fall profile for a long time and I may have one here.


Food for thought:
Perhaps try a bit of stevia. Not the pre-bottled, multi-compound stuff, but pure stevia, mixed into just PG. You won’t have the coil killing aspect.


Strange thing is i get a sharp mettalic note from MF Vanilla and i know its not my coils as they are SS316L and because i can smell that note straight out the bottle of concentrate. Perhaps tfa smooth could help with this too?


excited to see where the Xmas Pudding is going to sit with the eggnog and friends.


i just got FLV pumpkin spice and am itching to use it , i think im going with

Name : Pumpkin Patch

RFSC Pumpkin PIE @ 2pct
FLV Pumpkin spice @.25 to .5 ( need to research and test )
FLV cinnamon crunch @ 1pct
FA cream whipped @ .75 pct
LB VIC @ 2

anyway i just thought of this and will look it over b4 finalizing a V1


If you got some FLV Yam, small % will add depth.


i dont have any :frowning: , that is the only reason im adding the RFSC it comes off as the pumpkin pie filling in cans … it has a sone good body/mouth feel but lacks the pumpkin pie spices it also has a wee bit of crust


I did just that, sir. And it did elevate it very nicely! So much so that my wife has drained nearly 80ml so far. This is interesting because she does NOT like spice, bakery, or floral juices. She’s all sweets and fruit blends all the time. For her to like and Egg Nog/Pumpkin Spice blend is more than noteworthy. I’m low enough that I need to mix another 100ml again.


I don’t know, sorry. I don’t get a flavor twingle like that with MF vanilla. And actually, all I’ve ever tried Smooth with before this was straight TFA Egg Nog. May be worth a shot though.


Here is one of my first fall recipes…


Ok. I gotta ask. Why cantaloupe flv?


Just to save a little time, it’s in the notes :smile:


10 flavors, and a total of 4.4% flavoring. That’s impressive. I wish I had half of those needed for that recipe. I actually have a grand total of zero FLV concentrates. Don’t tell me I have yet another new path to follow!!!


My bottle was so good, I drained it all gone…

Sad thing is I keep my empties of the ones I want more of… can’t find it at all.
I blame my brother for that! :kissing_heart: