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Favorite Comedian?


Hi gang…I have to say I enjoy how helpful and friendly a lot of the members are on ELR. :slight_smile:
Being new (ish) here myself, it is nice to see the love…especially the humor. So I started wondering who are your favorite comedians?


I really like Louie CK lately, but I used to listen to a lot of Mitch Hedburg before he died, and some of Steven Wright’s older videos (Couch Guy on half baked)


Justin Wilson
Red Fox
Richard Pryor
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Rodney Dangerfield
Bernie Mac

To name a few.


@Ken_O_Where great list!


lot of old-timers :stuck_out_tongue:


Louis CK kills me. His depressing view always gets me :slight_smile:


Im half an old fart, hehe. Justin Wilson had a cooking show, Cajun Cook. He was hilarious on the show but much funnier in his standup.


One of my favorite Steven Wright quotes is a real thinker;
“If it is a penny for your thoughts, why do you have to put your two cents in? Somebody’s making a penny.”


brilliant. his timing made it too.


I am torn between George Carlin, and Robin WIlliams, of the ones you listed, as my faves. Both very intelligent, vulgar guys in stand up. I love’m both RIP.


Both of them great. Saw Carlin a couple times in Vegas and so wish i had seen Williams.


off the top of my head:
Louis CK
George Carlin
Bill Hicks (how have none of you heathens mentioned Hicks?!?!) :wink:
Craig Ferguson


I simply LOVE stand up comedy. Like mikelej14 I was always a Hedburg fan. Poor dude. Another deceased favorite was Richard Jeni. These guys were brilliant and it’s a shame they left us so young. I suppose my enjoyment comes more from witty comedy rather than anything outrageous, slapstick or plain ignorant. Then again, I love watching Trailer Park Boys, Family Guy, old Beavis and Butthead, so who am I kidding? :slight_smile:

Others I like a lot are -

Bryan Regan (never a swear word and will have you rolling!)
Jim Gaffigan
Zach Galifianakis
Maria Bamford (once you get her, she’s fantastic)
The late George Carlin - legend!
Kevin “Bloody” Wilson - Aussie comedian with truly perfect delivery.

That’s just to name a few. There are tons who are really good that don’t get a lot of mainstream attention. Take the Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys. I don’t find them funny at all really, more amusing. And Bill Engvall, not even that.


Dave Chappelle - Police Brutality


Mitch was a wit genius, along with Steven Wright. The punny thinking types always get me. Family guy as a comedy tv show cracks me up, solely for the fact they are not pc. I love the satirist humor of it. They say the things that most other network shows shy away from, much the way Arrested development does, but to an extreme other level.
If you ever have, or have the chance, look up Seth McFarland’s Harvard speech. It was rather entertaining, more in a simple way, while still bringing some family guy into the mix.


Lmfao. :joy::joy::joy:


Classics! Throw a little Mel Brooks in the list and you got some good times.


Some of the “newer” guys I like are Jo Koi and Jim Jefferies. Eddie Izzard never fails to make me laugh as well but he’s been around awhile. The Jesus/God bits are great. James Mason as God is hilarious.


Bill Burr, Dave Attell and Sebastian Maniscalco are def a few that have made my sides hurt on many occasions :smile:

Sabeastian Maniscalco at Chipotle


Ken_O_Where pretty much has me covered as well ,so I will throw out some others.I also have to add Dave Chappelle , Tim Wilson,Eddie Murphy ,and Benny Hill.
Favorite would have to be Richard Pryor , Live at the Sunset Strip. Do Mudbone!
Some of my favorite one liners come from W.C. Field.