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Favorite Comedian?


Lewis Black


Ron White followed by Jeff Dunham


Old enough to remember sitting around the TV with my family watching
the early Carlin “The Indian Sergeant”, “The Hippie-Dippie Weatherman”.
Still have his album “Class Clown” around here somewhere.
Now that changed somethings. “Seven Words…”


Rodney Carrington, Ron White and Jeff Durham. Rodney is the funniest for me. Check him out on YouTube.


I remember listening to Class Clown over and over. Some seriously funny stuff!


My wife gets into Lewis Black mode when she loses her shit. :laughing:


WHY is William Melvin Hicks only mentioned once in here? WTF? There are a lot of good ones in hear, to be sure. But, IMHO, Bill Hicks was comedy’s DaVinci, Newton, Galileo, and Einstein all rolled into a ranting street-preacher. Amazing intellect. Vulgar enough to make Carlin whince. The guy was selling out clubs when he was 11years old I think it was.


speaking of young comedians…10 yrs old hahahaaaaa


Dylan Moran
Daragh O’ Briein
Tommy Tiernan
PJ Gallagher


Going to check them out. Thanks


All irish, lol, but they are very funny. had to represent! :slight_smile:


awesome :grinning:


Holy crap hahahaha I just checked out a few videos on each. Liked them all! Tommy Tiernan is hysterical!


He can be very funny yeah, he’s also notorious for being a bit controversial. I actually have pics of me and him from after one of his gigs :smiley:


that is awesome :slight_smile: I’ll keep up with these guys for sure


She’s funny, and also from Texas like Hicks. Lots of bad parents there I guess LOL. . .from an Okie. Haha.


hahaha hey there are a lot of bad parents here in Brooklyn too


Oh man, this kid is talented. Great delivery. I hope she goes far.


I’ve seen some whining about how she doesn’t write her own jokes (all speculation AFAIK) but even if it’s true, there have been tons of successful comedians who don’t write their own stuff, like Dane Cook… :rimshot:


All I know is Dane never made me laugh out loud. She does! :grinning: