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Favorite Comedian?


for sure. already funnier than most of the “comics” I have seen at open mics :joy:


Hmm, I think I have to go with Ron White. He can always make me laugh!


Russell Peters


Okay a few to go with:

Older shows ton of humor:
W.C. Fields
Red Skelton
Jack Benny
Fiber McGee and Molly
Duffy’s Tavern
Fawlty Towers
Are you being served?

Pete Holmes
Chris Porter
Garrison Keillor and Tales from Lake Woebegon
Iliza Schliezinger
Tom Wilson (Biff from back to the future)
Doug Stanhope

Pretty much everyone else had mentioned the rest I like.


Bill Maher


Robin Williams…always.:revolving_hearts:


A tie Jeff Dunham and Ron White for me






Here’s a couple you guys forgot:

Andrew Dice Clay
The Unknown Comic

Both classics


I didn’t know Mitch Hedburg died… I just started listening to him on sirius XM
radio comedy channels


Love Steven Wright he’s so damn funny


Jim Jeffries if you are in an office make sure you turn the sound up to 11 lmao (no don’t do that - that would be bad for your career)


Some I like:

George Carlin (the comedy god :smiley: )
Louis CK
Jimmy Carr
Ricky Gervais
Jim Jefferies
Bill Burr
Dennis Leary
Jerry Seinfeld
Stephen Wright

Some of:

Mike Birbiglia
Jim Gaffigan
Joe Rogan
Aziz Ansari
Bill Hicks
Mitch Hedberg
Sarah Silverman
Bill Connolly
Dave Chapelle
Chris Rock

Did I forget Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All the comedians listed so far plus

If anyone is into surreal comedy a couple of shows;

The mighty boosh
Toast of London
Garth Marengi’s Darkplace
Snuff box

Old school
Derek & Clive - amazing but dirty as heck. Peter cook is a genius and a side of Dudley Moore a lot will not be familiar with.

Steve coogan in “the trip” was brilliant


I’ll add one of the blackest crazy comedy shows ever
"jam" by Chris Morris
"Brass Eye"
& Of course not so black but very crazy “Mr. Show”

Oh I got to watch some of these again, good topic.


Lots of greats mentioned here. Most are stand up. Physical comedy has always made me laugh. From old Three Stooges clips to Keenen & Peele. So here’s a goofy one I can relate to cuz I’m an avid concert goer. I’ve never seen Jim Breuer live but I have seen ACDC. Not necessarily a fav but he makes me smile :sunglasses:



Jimmy Carr
Frankie Boyle


George Carlin,
Anthony Jeselnik (if you like a crude comedy)
Found this guy, Dan Cummins a few days ago, his stuff has been pretty funny.


Many of my favorites have already been said (Burr, Jeffries, Hedburg, Louis, Dice Clay, Jeselnik, Carr, White, Chappelle, etc). But I really enjoy these two that haven’t been mentioned yet…
Bert Kreischer
Tom Segura
Hannibal Buress
Greg Giraldo
Patrice O’Neal
George Perez