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Favorite Large Tank with Stock Coils and Mod Combo


Hey everyone, my family, my peeps,

My 5 ML Smok Baby Beast and my current mod are kind of boring me, been using them a long time. I’m thinking of switching it up again. Obviously, I’ll need two of everything.

I know a lot of new stuff is coming out all the time, and I could research it but why would I do that when I have all of you wonderful people to advise me? :laughing: I’m lazy, I need an idiot proof tank system.

Here’s my requirements:

Stock Coils that deliver good flavor.
Large Tank.
35-40 Watts (Not TC). (I’m not a power clouder but it’s gotta give me a good cloud)
Long Life Mod, (Last all day kind of mod).

Would love to hear what other people are cloud chucking on these days in this realm of vaping!


Ive just ordered the 6ml TFV8 with the bubble glass thing that adds a couple more ml to the capacity, don’t know much about hardware but I hope you found the baby beast good. Sorry this isnt much of a useful reply in any way :joy:


Oh no, it’s very useful! I want all the advice I can get. I’m gonna let this post sit out here for a few days to see what advice I can get before I go shopping.


Yeah smart idea that, if I get mind delivered in time Ill let you know if its any good, although Im guessing you probably want something more different


Honestly, I don’t know what I want yet. I want to hear what’s turning everyone’s crank lately lol… I know I need a change. I used the Cleito’s for a long time and switched to the Baby Beast. The Baby Beast is reliable and idiot proof but I need a change.


Well if the TFV8 is similar thats perfect form me :stuck_out_tongue: ! And yeah well I will keep an eye on this too and see if anything else grabs my fancy :slight_smile:


Well I’m happy to share my favourite but – I learned not to worry and love the DIY quite fast myself. I prefer my TFV12 Cloud Beast King to my Big Baby Beast, especially since the TFV8 RBA is balls, absolute balls. But the TFV8 is probably the better tank on premade attys just because the cloud beast so lacks flavor.

I don’t have anything else that uses premade attys.


@Maureeenie this is the original cleito with the 5ml bubble glass i use it because in this one i have the rta , in my cleito i keep the stock glass bc i do still like to use the .4 stock coils so you could get the cleito and the 5ml glass and still use the stock coil .4 is the best


just noticed this


Tried many tanks and so far the best imho is the tfv8 for sure the only thing is every once in a while you’ll get a bunk coil and for the price of them is lame! Switched to rdas and really trying to stay away from tanks at the moment just to save money. I did just pick up the smkon v engine with triple coil rba it’s similar to the v12 but way more unique! VP1 deck http://www.smkon.com/pro_content-60-2-40-40-2-2.html oh and it doesn’t normally go on my voopoo lol it goes on my ijoy maxo zenith VV mod



I can tell you 3 that did not work for me. I like the same watts that you mentioned. I really don’t like a hot vape at all. The three are blazer, crown 3 and the new cleito exo. The blazer and crown 3 were too hot and the cleito exo had waaaayyy too much airflow for me and it wasn’t adjustable. I also didn’t care for the new .15 ohm coil.

I’ve been recently going back to my crown 1, crown 2, and d1. The d1 had such terrible reviews but I’ve had nothing but great flavor from it. I’ve also been playing around with temp control with these 3 tanks. I like 0.5 ohm coils 40 watts 480 degrees on all three of these tanks as well.


Ohhh, That’s pretty, added to my list.


My fave setup for a tank was the tfv8 and xcube ultra. Kicked the tank once I got into squonking though, and haven’t looked back!


The Cleito is a great tank. I just got bored with it and when it got hot, it leaked.


were you using the .4 coils ??? im only asking because i have a couple cleitos and never notice any leaking except when filling tank and dont close air flow completely anyway sorry to hear that ive had great luck with all of mine , what about the OG crown , im all about the oldies lol


Been using the Kindbright Reload RTA clone on my Smaont Battlestar and enjoying every puff.
The Reload is easy to setup, won’t leak if you wick it properly (easy to do) and has a wide range of air options. I personally think the flavor is far better than any of the Smok tanks that I own. The Battlestar is a simple to use mod that fires fast and in a dollar for dollar comparison, I haven’t found a better mod. Plus there are 14 or so colorways to choose from.


Just realized you wanted stock coils. In that case, I am very impressed with the Joytech Penguin all-in-one setup. I wasn’t expecting much for 20.00 but this little guy rocks. Decent clouds - not massive amounts but impressive and tons of flavor. It holds almost 9mls and the whole thing is small enough to fit in a t-shirt pocket. You get two coil packs 0.25 and 0.6. The only drawback is the built in battery. It lasts about 2/3 of a day with my vaping style.
There are a bunch of youtube videos on this one and I haven’t found any that hate it.


Yes. .4,


So… with the .25 coil its lasting 2/3 of a day?