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Favorite Large Tank with Stock Coils and Mod Combo


funny , after i wrote my last statement i went to vape and there was a small puddle around the tank , maybe ive just dismissed the leaking bc i love the tank so much lol


I loved that thing for a long time, the flavor is great (better than the Baby Beast) and clouds for days but that leaking thing in the summer seriously got on my nerves. I can’t stand having liquid on my hands.


i hear ya , ive been lucky not to have it that bad , i have in other tanks especially rda types because i over drip


Yes. It appears to do quite well with power management.
Of coarse it does even better with the 0.6 and it’s not as restrictive as you might think. It isn’t much of a MTL coil, it’s more like a restricted DL coil. The coil-packs are pretty cheap. I paid a little under 9.00 for a 5-pack.


For $23.00… might be worth a try.


I have seriously thought about going back to the Cleito. It hits like a monster and idiot proof (which I need)


Go for it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just remember to ALWAYS prime your new coil or you’ll get a very nasty dry hit.


did you use the bubble tank its nice to have especially if your using that monster rba/rta i have the new EXO but need to revisit it


I usually let them soak for well over 2 hours. You only have to lock up a lung once.


I did use the fish tank, I really liked the extra liquid.


Very true.
What I do is put 3 drops on either side of the coil and carefully put juice into the top feed hole, then let it soak in while I fill the tank. Put it all together, then cover the airhole and suck in a couple of times while the mod is off and I’m good to go.


You know one tank I really did like was that Joye Cubis Pro Tank. I got great flavor from that thing but the coils didn’t last very long. Maybe 4-5 days and it had the occasional flaming needle hitting the inside of your mouth. I would go back to that thing in a New York minute if they got those coils working right.


I am not much of a tank person but I do use one when on an all day outing. I gotta say that the Crown has the best flavor out of any sub ohm tank I have ever tried. I got rid of all my sub ohm tanks except for that one.

I hear the Crown v3 is just as good as the original and it is very nice too look at to boot. I actually want one and will probably wait for months and months before I get one. By then there will probably be a version 5.

As for mods… I have not bought one for quite some time now, @Whiterose0818 got me into building my own and I haven’t looked back. You might consider one of his mods, not only will it last a lifetime but they are aesthetically pleasing also.


This Revenger set up is pretty sharp looking.


I already have one and you are right :slight_smile: I’m one of the lucky ones in that regard.


I will put that on the research list!


A Crown with a 0.5 ohm coil on a Whiterose mod. That is all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I :heart: this vape so much. I will have withdrawals when school starts back because there’s no way I’m taking it with me and risking anything happening to it. But what a treat and a great thing to look forward to when I get home.


That Crown is a favorite of many folks, I had one. I think it lost it’s luster for me because I had some coil issues with it. (Bad batch) How long are you getting out of those coils now?


I get between 2-4 weeks depending on how much and what I’m vaping. I had two originals but I gave one to my mom and used that as an excuse to order a 3. Hoping I like it as much as the original cuz I got a blue one that’ll look awesome on the Tardis. :stuck_out_tongue: Aside from being the best vape for my WR right now, it’s my go-to “lazy vape” when other stuff is dirty and I don’t feel like rebuilding/rewicking.


Cool! Thank you!