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Favorite Scary Movies for Halloween Season?


The Kubrick version of The Shining is chilling, but I find it funny that King actually hated that movie. If I recall, they did make a mini-series out of the book back in the late 90’s/ early 00’s staring one of the shlubs from Wings as Jack Torrance. The kid they picked for the role of Danny was weird looking…


It was scary on a whole different level.


I watched that mini-series and it was exactly like the book, that’s why King hated the movie, cause it wasn’t.
The actors were lousy though and not at all suitable, the kid looks doped up to his eyeballs.
It was really disappointing.


Going to see IT next week!! So excited!!


Sinister, Insidious 1, 2, & 3, The Conjouring 1 & 2, Pet
Semetary, The Rocky Horror Picture Show :rofl:


Oooh RHPS for sure!! Repo! The Genetic Opera, Nightmare Before Christmas, Labyrinth. Storm of the Century is my all-time favorite “scary” movie. I’m not big into horror, but I like thrillers.


I remember seeing The Exorcist when I was 12. Took me almost 20 years to get past that movie. Spooked me so much that when I read the book, the movie images would penetrate the words and I’d have to shove the book under my bed. I don’t scare easily but that one damaged me LOL



That would freak me the fuck out!!!


Ya me too but it is friggin gold lmao.


The Babadook.


Just watched that one on Netflix :slight_smile:


Movies based on serial killers freak me out. Ed Gein the Butcher of Plainfield is one. I watched Chained last night about a cab driver who murders his woman passengers and keeps the boy of one of his victims to raise as his own. Gahh!
A seasonal Halloween is the Rob Zombie movies. 1000 and Rejects but for funny? This… is a classic.:laughing:


The Strangers is my go to scary movie. Just seen IT the other day. Pretty scary too.


I remember being super scared of " the invasion of the body snatchers "


Love Young Frankenstein!


The Dog with the human face!


Home invasion movies are SUPER creepy…


Hilarious, but at the same time that would be pretty freaky to be in the butt end of that joke.


Still Scary IMO