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Favorite Scary Movies for Halloween Season?


Very Underrated film and musical!


So the Hedge maze animals actually move in that one right?


Classic. Love that movie.


ya, me too, I think I was around 9 or 10.

I think The Exorcist is THE scary movie of scary movies.


I remember an old movie… Phantasm, where this floating sphere bored into a dude’s head. That freaked me out.


Phantasm is STILL highly regarded in the horror community! The Tall Man! BOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYY!


As best as I can recall, yes, the hedge lion does stalk Danny at some point. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, tho, and I may have been under the influence of leafy greens when I watched it so the memory is a bit hazy.


Hush was terrifying. :sob::sob::sob:


damn devil’s lettuce! :joy:


I really liked that one, too!!!


How bout Rosemary’s baby? Totally creepy and scary.


I can’t say the wildest line from that movie with our account, but when all the old people start yelling out Hail~~ !
SUPER CREEPY… made me not trust my elders for awhile as a youth. :joy:


ok I watched this movie with my Dad before he passed on. I only watched scary movies because he liked them and it was a thing we did together. Anywho, I can’t remember the name of it and I was hoping @ecigexpress might know, sense you are the resident horror movie guru.

It is about a medical student (female) that got invited to a party by one of her professors. She was honored and went. She was gang raped and abused.

She dropped out of medical school, but continues with her education, by doing medical procedures on people that want modifications done. ie. tails, split tongues, horns, ect.

The movie ends with her dead and “they” finding her professor, hanging in a storage bin with most of his limbs removed, along with his tongue and ears and nose and…

It was a pretty cool flick, I just wish I could remember the name.


American Mary?


Ok how about Ringu? This is the original japanese version of Ring.
and IT by Stephen King…


Just make sure that you have the lights open and if it is posible to be day when you see one of this two…


RINGU is a modern classic! and the new IT…well without giving away anything… retained everything enjoyable from the first one and upped the ante on the gore and dread! Great Stuff!


AWESOME that is totally it, thanks. That movie is bad ass.

Have you seen the woman? it was a trailer I just watched. After american mary trailer. It looks pretty cool


Ooohh my God i want to see the new IT… i am horroled already…:scream::fearful:


It’s Alive

My sister and i watched this around Halloween when we were kids, around 1978, and it scared the hold hell out of us so now i watch it every year.