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Favorite Scary Movies for Halloween Season?


I thought the second one was better. You should definitely watch.


I agree!!! And if you’re interested in the story that one is based on, check this out on Hulu!


I’ll have to get Hulu first. Have Netflix and the fire stick. I might be able to find it on that.


I can’t believe I’m going to recommend a movie like this, but Zombeavers. Truck accident causes beavers to become zombies who then attack humans who turn into zombie human beaver hybrids. Everything about it is cheesy. Hand puppet special effects to a zombie human beaver twerking to a guy getting his dick bitten off. Needed more beaver puns though.


Lmao classic how do things like this get the green light - next it will be zombiebeavernado.


Gives me hope for the screenplay I’m thinking about writing. Catula. Vampire cats that use cuteness to lure in victims.


They could have a feud with the rabid trash werepanda’s - epic plot twist when the zombie pets from Pet Sematary make a camo.


Zombeavers was hilarious and surprisingly effective and gross in some parts lol


So A few of us took the “31 days of horror” challenge here at work… So far it’s been.
1.) Let the right one in (original)
2.) The Thing
3.) Cult Of Chucky
4.) 4k restored original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
5.) Halloween 2
6.) The Fly
7.) The Witch
8.) Pumpkinhead
9.) Dawn of the Dead
10.) Gerald’s Game on Netflix.


How about this then?

The picture really doesn’t convey the length of the bloody thing. If I had known it would be this much work I think I’d rather knitted another Freddy Kruger sweater :nauseated_face:


Awesome job dear! :heart_eyes:


That’s a lot of color changes. :astonished:


Thank you dear, no tennisarm this time but my hand hurts :smirk:

Yes, it is and I’ll never do it again!


I always watch monster squad as a throwback to my childhood. Naturally, ALL the installments from the Halloween franchise is a must for me too!


Holy Hell’s Bells, Batman!! That’s AWESOME!!! It’s beautiful-Truly a work of art-Well done!


Thank you very much :blush:
And thanks for posting the pattern, I couldn’t have done it without it.


WHoA! whoa! WhoaAAAAAAAAAA! that is awesome!


although to be fair a Freddy sweater would have been awesome as well lol. not as awesome as this scarf of course…


Thank you :smiley:
I made a Freddy sweater once already so now it was time for the scarf, only once though :nauseated_face:


Random question. Do you think ELR has enough halloween spirit that if we did a contest that was a type of “horror hand check” which would be
a.) post a pic of your mod and juice in a creepy setting or
b.) take a picture with your favorite mod and DIY juice next to your favorite halloween movie?
It would still be randomized but as you can see we love scary movies and Halloween and just want to have a fun contest with every one :slight_smile:

thoughts? (suggestions and ideas are quite welcome.)