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Favorite Scary Movies for Halloween Season?


Not. At. All :joy::joy::joy:


Because of that movie I decided I need a panic room.


Old but nasty…


love them both!


Perhaps I’ll wait until he goes off to college and slip it into his stuff. It’s all about the long game.


I think it’s coming September 30th or round about. It’s been a lot of years since I read the book and it was a good read. Some of the details are kind fuzzy tbh but gorey matches up with what I remember. I wouldn’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t read it so I won’t say how. Be warned though I’m biased, I’ve read and loved everything Stephen king/Bachmann ever published. It wasn’t his best by a long shot but I could see it being a solid movie (if done right)

Now the Dark tower series was my jam and I’m honestly scared to watch the movie because the potential for it to have been a complete misrepresentation is High.


I can you tell this is going to be a “Least Favorite”. I want my money back, WTH did I just watch Horror Movie. EVER!!!


Mark would you care to throw up a spoiler warning and then DISH some details … been hearing so much on both side and am curious to know what all the polarization is about?


Well I will tell you it is not the psychological horror it was billed to be. And it certainly is not anywhere the thriller that Rosemary’s Baby took us on.
What it is is a convoluted parable about God and Mother Earth. Set to a twisted and distorted storyline. That will leave you irritated and perplexed as to why this film was ever released. If you like Jackson Pollock paintings and can find the hidden meaning in them. Then you will love this film.


nope Pollock is too confusing… gonna skip this one lol!


FYI, you can have Discourse do this for you. Highlight a block of text, click the gear up next to the emoji thing, and then click “Hide Details”. Or if you wanna do it manually:

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you’re the best @JoJo Will do thats awesome!


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Wow!!! That’s pretty nifty.


The Conjuring is a good one too. Wanna see the second part soon…


Decent series for sure!


Not Horror, but a lot of people have been waiting for this. It came out today.


Oh I am definitely Hyped for the Blade Runner 2049 Film !!!


A few of us from work are going this weekend. The reviews have been stellar which is rare for sequels.


The conjuring 2 is on Amazon. I think it might be HBO.


The problem is that I don’t have free time. Yes is HBO. :+1: