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February's Mix this Mix thread


ty ill try this it looks good



this was my first attempt , its not bad for a first try and i know the EM has to be taken out , i need to add more more coconut and marzipan ill pm you my V2


Sure thing we can collaborate if you wish - I would really like to try a mix with rf sc coconut (i havent done one yet except an sf)


Back to normal programming sorry for the side track


This has a lot going on and will need a good steep. Just mixed so :hourglass_flowing_sand:

BlackRazz Custard Squares (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Bilberry (FA) 0.5
Blueberry Natural (LAN) 3.75
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1.5
Nut Mix (FA) 0.8
Raspberry, Natural (LAN) 2
Torrone (FA) 1.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 4.5
wOw (FA) 2

Flavor total: 16.55%

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So here is my entry:
Summer Berry Squares

1 ml Strawberry Biscuit PUR
1ml Sweet Strawberry PUR
.5 Wild Blueberry TFA
.5 Vanilla Bean Ice Cream FW
.5 Vanilla Custard FW
.5 Bavarian Cream FW
.5 Cream Dream PUR
10 drops Toasted Almond FW
15 drops Butter Pecan FW
10 drops Butter Cream PUR
10 drops Fresh Coconut PUR
15 drops Vanilla Swirl TFA

Hope it’s a good one.


So did a test on this one. Heaven in a vape. Really light and great.


Ok all Here is what I am thinking of mixing up tonight for this mix thread… please give me some feed back on this, I know it has a lot going on and I have not published it yet its actually in my ecalc on my computer but the final mix I will post… So take a look and let me know what you all think! especially @Ken_O_Where @TheTinMan1 @Amy2 @woftam I would love to hear all thoughts before I mix this up tonight. Thanks!

It would help if you could see all the flavors lol lets try that screen shot again


Looks fine to me I’d swap the Forest Fruit and Harvest Berry %s around I feel Harvest Berry is a bit stronger and takes over more and it’s higher in raspberry content and I see you’ve already plugged in sweet raspberry. I don’t do a lot a custards but I feel 4.5% would make this one a custard heavy w/ a berry background style of juice and that may be what you’re aiming for. All of it looks good thou , those were just my immediate thoughts. Also Marzipan is a bit sweeter than Vanilla Tahity - both are almonds marzipan a bit more bready and vanilla tahity more vanilla then almonds.


Thanks for the feedback I put Forrest mix so low because it is one that I have tried a single flavor mix of and its pretty strong at 6% I will try it the way you suggested and see how it works out :slight_smile:


It’s up to you :smile: I know both forest fruit and harvest berry are both similar but I know that HB is much stronger w/ raspberry and forest fruit stronger w/ dark berries like black & blueberry possible black currant.


That makes sense I can def taste the darker berrys in Forrest mix and this recipe needs to lean towards the strawberry rasberry side with a hint of other berry flavors. That’s what I am trying to accomplish and still get a sweet Graham buttery sort of crust to it


then you want to keep it how you originally planned. HB will increase you overall raspberry tone you could even bump up the SB and Rasp to help achieve that.


Ok then I will publish my final mix tonight once I mix it up and toss it in the cabinet to steep :slight_smile:


Alright all here goes nothing…

@Ken_O_Where @TheTinMan1 @Amy2

I just mixed this up and gave a good shake… it is going to sit in the cabinet for a while before I even attempt it lol


Oh heck yes! Looks very tasty.


Congrats looks tasty !


Ok I lied I couldn’t resist trying it lol I just dripped a little of it on top of my RDTA box with my temp control build on it… Holy wow this is tasty!! I wounder how this will develop over time… Hmmm might need to mix a bigger batch right now while I have all the flavors out…


Yeah I tried mine early. I could not resist. It is a craft of love.


Havent entered my stash yet :frowning: or figured out how to enter recipes properly but here is mine

SummerBerry Custard Squares

3% Jammy Dodgems (chefs vapour)
1% sugar butter cookie (ooo)
1.5% cobbler (viper flavors)
1% Yellow Cake (Jungle)
0.5% biscuit (INW)
0.5% cookie (FA)
0.25% Meringue (FA)
0.5% WoW (FA)
0.25% Almond (MF)
0.5% Marzipan (FA)
2% Vanilla Custard (Purilium)
1% Vanilla Custard (RF SC)
1% Bavarian Cream (TFA)
0.5% Vienna Cream (FA)
0.5% Raspberry/Malina (INW)
1% Raspberry (FLV)
0.6% Strawberry (MF)
1% Strawberry Shisha (INW)
0.75% Red touch/Strawberry (FA)