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February's Mix this Mix thread


I was thinking of this flavor and your raving review lol (Purilum strawberry biscuit) when blueprinting this mix. Alas i dont have it (yet)…


It really hits all my spots. Looking for bakery, you got it. Looking for fruit, it’s there. I love it.


Mixed a couple of Summer Berry Custard Square samples up with a slight variation

Creme Anglaise (DV) 7%
Pink Panther (INW) 2.5% (Mix of Rhubarb, Redcurrant and Strawberry)
Sesame Sweets (INW) 1.5%

Tried another substituting the Creme Anglaise with Vanilla Cream (INW) 2%

Both my choices are lighter and more creamy for my tastes than Cap or FLV Custard my normal go to custards and hopefully will compliment the more subtle Pink Panther finished flavour, than a normal custard.

May add 0.5% Saline (0.9%) if the sweetness needs smoothing out a little in the finished flavour)


Bringing this thread back up its too quiet!! How is everyone’s mix going?? For my first stab at an original complex mix I think mines is pretty tasty it’s been shooting for a while now and smells awesome I have dripped it a couple times gets better every time… Thinking of a couple of slight adjustments but over all I like it… Where you at @Ken_O_Where??


I was just considering giving the mixes i made a try. :slight_smile:


I did and was pleasantly surprised on the turnout… Like I said earlier just a couple minor % tweaks I want to do but leave all ingredients and make it final


Are there any others out there?


i tested my recipe and need to vape a little more it is tasty but ill be doing a little tweaking just notnsure what yet the cream /custard still hasnt fully developed but i am tasting three components the fruit / cream / and crust so its on the right track


I just tasted mine and oh what a good flavor. Thanks. When the march contest coming out?


Probably March 1 and keep in mind this thread wont close or anything so you can continue to make alterations as its just for fun.



What no prizes. Lol.


I had forgotten to mention this but mine turned out horrible, bleh… Not sure how i didnt smell it when i opened the Pie Crust (TPA), TWICE, but it has gone bad. First time ive ever had a flavoring change so drastically so i decided to do some investigating. I went through my email accounts and i ordered it 3 years ago and not really stored as i store everything else since i have used it very few times.

New one should be here tomorrow or Wednesday so ill start over.

Just the knowledge we gain learning from one another. :slight_smile:

I know, im a bit nerdy… :confused:


ive been vaping on mine all day today , and although it is vapeable ( actually tasty for a V1 ) i think id like to up the custard a couple percent i was really looking for a heavy custard top note and a slight fruit and crust as supporting flaves , ill definetely be playing with this , ty for doing this it gives me inspiration to mix something different , once i get this where i want it ill definetly be putting it in my rotation


This here is exactly why i wanted to do this, insight into other peoples train of thought when it came to mixing from a shared recipe. I was going for a heavy cake with a medium berry note and the custard in there for support both the cake and berries. This would have made it very close to something my grandmother used to make.


i use to eat these philadelphia cream cheese bars , they were little snacks and this recipe reminded me of them , which i cant find anymore , have you had them ??? or ever seen them ? in the grocery store they use to sit right next to the cream cheeses , i almost went a cheesecake route with this but wanted to try to stay on point with the recipe


D00d, hell yes! I used the get the plain or the raspberry white chocolate ones.

I would lop off a toe for one of those right now…


OmG yes those are the ones EXACTLY i miss those soooo much lmao


i need to get a white chocolate flave , in not into chocalates but white would be great im thinking MF what do you think ??


Man so do i, im going to work on one starting tonight. I should have ordered Brie, i think at a very low percentage it might really enhance a cheesecake.

As for white chocolate im still searching for the perfect flavor but i am completely moving away from MF at this point, a lot of their flavorings i have been replacing with the RF SCs except for Vanilla. I love the Vanilla but Holy Van is a great sub.

When we did the beta testing for @Walt_RealFlavors there was a White Chocolate that i wasnt fond of but after @LordVapor told me to try it again, two months later, i was quite impressed. Next time i order ill grab it.


let me know what you think , im trying not to buy new flaves until ive depleted inventory lol its getting so hard though , especially with all the buzz about real flavor and purilum anyway , good shit bro i think im going to try to do something as well