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February's Mix this Mix thread


I dont, it is close but a couple subs for flavorings i prefer.



Well, I’m vaping it right now only after 4 days and I’m LIKING it! Luckily I made enough to last into the 2nd-3rd week. I wanted to ask you how I would find out about making a base or a one-shot (if that’s what I’m looking for)? I’d like to be able to have all the flavors pre-mixed so I can just add my pg/vg.

Also, I’m vaping your Simple Custard w/o the caramel because I don’t trust my taste buds and caramel these days but I like it alot. I used Holy Vanilla and it’s been steeping for 4 weeks. I do have a small mix of Caramel (FA) with Vienna Cream (FA) that I could add to it for a test. That’s been sitting for over 8 weeks.


If you click on the blue wrench on the recipe it will give you the option to “make one shot” - click on that and enter how many ml of oneshot you want to make and underneath it will also tell you how much eliquid it will create :+1:


My attempt at something something…


Hey, thx, Lolly! Does the oneshot steep like regular juice or does that process begin when you add your diluent?


How do you store your flavors?


Treat it just like you would any other concentrate petal (at least that’s what I do) :tada:


I keep all my large volumes in glass on a shelf in the basement as the temp is constant down there. The rest i keep on a covered shelf in my nerdery in small PET bottles, usually 5-10ml. There are a few that i keep in larger volumes on my mixing shelf as i use them constantly.


Thx, that’s helpful. I’m excited to tell you that I created a recipe (private because I haven’t tested it yet). It’s a 4 flavor inspired by your Sinnamon Cookie Custard. I figured if I could find something easy that I liked I would use it as a skeleton that I can build on. If I like it enough I’ll take it out of privacy (embarrassment, lol).