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February's Mix this Mix thread


how do you like that cap yellow cake ??? i just used it in something i cant remember what but i forgot to do a SF test


It is alright, the wrong % and YUCK. I still havent tried anything to replace FW but i wont use it anymore. Ive been trying different cake combos with it, at lower %s it is pretty good but it needs to be in a supporting role, not the main cake.


is the fructose really that bad??? im asking bc i still use it only bc i have about 45ml left and cant throw it out lol , i dont think i will buy it buy damn it is a great tasting flave


maybe walt will do a RF SC similar to FW yellow cake hmmmm i bet someone like you could put that in his ear and he may listen lol


It all depends, it gunks quick and that gunk contains known cancer causing substances. If you are rewicking before the gunking… I really dont know. I just avoid it and pretty much all FW now.

That would be great but someone else will have to suggest it, i want my Thimbleberry, hehe. Ive been begging for it for quite some time now, i cant give up at this point.


lol i have to check out thimbleberry i have no clue what it is google here i come :slight_smile:


I’m vaping mine right now. It’s really good actually, except for the biscuit. It just kind of takes over a mix for me, but I still feel like it’s needed in the recipe. I’m going to drop it down to .25% and leave everything else the same.


I must not be in the loop on the FW flavors… Something is wrong with them? What am I missing lol


Quite a few of them have sugar I believe.


I have a few at home so probably need to check those out



Does anyone try mallard ferriere concentrated flavors?

Bookmarked - thank you!


Agreed! Thank you gotta sort my stash tonight might be dropping some flavors in the trash


If you like the flavors don’t trash them, just move them to the kitchen and use them in food recipes!


Just found this and wow is it good

Was thinking we should do an October version of this. I was thinking anything with pumpkin. We should have a giveaway and i will put up a joyetech cubiod mini kit for the winner. We will need at least three judges (those with biggest stashes i assume)
Could make each contestant make a small donation to ELR…


Whos in? @daath thoughts?


@mixologist13 Maybe we could pick the judges first, obviously people who have very large flavor collections, and people can only use flavors that all the judges have…?


I really like this idea. Even if it wasn’t for a prize its still something that would be fun!


Yes we need some interest here before we pick judges. I dont mind giving away the prize. Maybe if we can get 10people to compete with a 5$ donation each?


I’m about to make Sugar Rush as soon as I take a quick peek at the recipe again for blend ratios. Did you follow WOW’s recipe verbatim? This will be my first experience with Butter Cream (CAP).