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Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!


i believe @ADKmac is talking about the Trifle recipe


oh, right. I missed that. sorry @ADKmac


You’re going to specifically target a red berry if you’re using forest fruit FA. I think it’s a great flavoring, but out of curiosity have u thought of berry mix TPA? It’s very similar minus the black currant twang and IMO think it’s delicious. It would allow u to still try to utilize FA-BC at a small % but add a %higher on the berry mix TPA as it’s not as potent as forest fruit.


Yeah sorry @fidalgo_vapes and @delltrapp, I was talking about the trifle recipe. Was meant for fidalgo. My eyes r burning with the “need to sleep” feeling lol


Since you’re going to try a V2 with @fidalgo_vapes suggestions, I’ll take the bench and let u see wut u think about it. I’d agree that the OG recipe was over creamed tho and I did the same thing years ago when I was new to mixing. The “less is more” rule works a lot with mixing and most importantly it’s about YOUR taste buds. We all taste things differently and require less or more of specific flavors. U will figure this recipe out and get through those bottles of double chocolate lol if u want my opinion after V2 give me your opinion on it and I’ll look at your percentages :+1:t2:


Head In Clouds published an article a couple years or so back. He found by adding Acetyl Pyrazine to chocolate (ones that need some help) it aids in more realistic flavor. I tried it and agree. You can read his Vaping Underground article here.

Some quick help Friends, please

I’m definitely trying that! I’ve had horrible luck with chocolates but I’m determined to keep trying! Thanks for linking that.


wait, so just chocolate flavouring and AP? i got to try this too when i get home. thank you @SthrnMixer
edit : HIC stated that it is working for Cocoa and chocolate FA only, since i want to use double chocolate dark, you think it will make a lot of difference? i’m thinking 6-8% double chocolate dark with 1-1,5% AP and maybe 0,5-1% french vanilla cream.


goodmorning from greece!i would like to help me if someone knows! i have tried “the tamer” of VDLV include pear chestnut und cookies and i dont know how to fix it! :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


The recipe?


yes please if you know


Ι mean were is the recipe you want to fix? Or if you want to make a recipe from scratch you have to open a topic on the clone category.

If you need guide you in Greeks send me a pm.


ohh ok but i know only the ingredients(parfums) not the ML


Sound like a clone request! :wink:


I believe so where should I write?


Read this

Τhen open a new topic here


@SthrnMixer, when you find out please let me know, I have bought many Bottles of Virgin Vapor pina colada, and hope I can get close to that one day, I’m still trying simple and vapable recipes, alot of reading and trial and error mixing, right now I am trying to repair (salvage) the recipes that I have mixed that are 3 weeks old, seems I am adding some kind of cream to them to smooth them out, and adding some fruits that shadow the fruit in it !!!
Oh, btw, I mixed some of your strawberry cheesecake, last night, and love it, great S/V.


I’ve not tried this yet. But @Pro_Vapes and I have both worked hard to crack the Pina Colada code. He posted this last month. Maybe give it a look…


Thanks @SthrnMixer, you have some great recipes!!! I will and can’t wait to mix that @Pro_Vapes pina colada, I still have a bunch of virgin vapor pina colada 30 ml. bottles cleaned and ready to put the mix in there.


I’m not sure if this is a fix or just an incomplete recipe. It’s still in private mode because I’m not done with it. It’s called Coconut Cookie Custard and it was inspired by KOW’s Sinnamon Cookie Kustard. I’m using 2 coconuts (FA and INW Coconut Cookies), Sugar Cookie (CAP) and Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP). 4 flavors total.

I think I’m happy with the coconut but the cookie part needs more crunch and presence. I have Bisquit (INW) and Cookie (FA) if that would help. Any suggestions are welcome and I’ll buy anything I need to get this right. Originally, I was hoping to keep this an easy beginner’s recipe, if possible.