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Those are quite different (as you may know).
Personally, cookie gets weird (and dominates easily) if you go too high. And it also takes two-three weeks to steep IMO. But, if you go that route, I’d suggest starting with 0.5%-0.75%.

As for Biscuit, I’d probably try that one around 1.5% to 2% (again having mixed Sinnamon Cookie Kustard several times myself).

Hopefully this helps!

Might as well get the man himself’s thoughts though (since you can) @Ken_O_Where :wink:


The Sugar Cookie CAP never really cut it for me. The cookie note is very weak IMO.

This cookie combo is from a recently released recipe and it’s the best cookie note I have tried so far.


Sugar Cookie Base/Stone (base)

Ingredient ml g %
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 3.41 3.59 22.73
Frosted Animal Cookie (SC) (Real Flavors) 6.82 6.82 45.47
Frosting (Flavorah) 1.36 1.36 9.07
Yellow Cake (JF) 3.41 3.41 22.73

Total base: 15 ml
To be mixed at: 4.4%
This is enough for 341 ml of finished liquid.
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Thank you, Pro_Vapes. The biscotto rang a bell for me. This makes the mix more complicated than I wanted but that’s the story of my life. But like I said, I’ll try what it takes.


I assume you’re referring to Cookie (FA) or cookie flavors in general? And, yes, I’d prefer not to have to wait 2-3 weeks, if possible. Thx


Clarified (in quote).


Thank you, I’m fairly new to this game.


I’ve been trying to make a recipe that’s basically a sweet kretek cigarette.

This is the recipe, which i just upload on the recipe side :

The problem is, after 2 weeks steeping, it was harsh and all i tasted is some black fire.

Is there something wrong with the percentage, or should i wait for longer steeping?
I read that ry4 double need at least 4 weeks steep. Is this right?
Where did the harshness came from? I didn’t use nicotine in this mix. Could this came from the length of steeping?

Thank you in advance for any answer.


At least 4-6 weeks for me, and I think that is even better after 8 weeks. I am MTL user at max 20W, PG-VG 50-50. At PG-VG 30-70 like your recipe I think that it needs at leat 6 weeks.


Thank you. Will put the bottle back into the cabinet now.


I am on about to make a 100ml liquid with RY4D to celebrate my 1st year on vape which is in 7.5 weeks :smile:


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Okay, well I had a little trouble posting this recipe but, sorry. This is the Coconut Cookie Custard I’ve been working on and I guess that’s what I got. It’s more like custard with a cookie resting on the side as an afterthought. Not a bad thing but I was looking for more crunch. I added Cookie(FA) about 8 days ago. The recipe says 1% but I distinctly remember adding 2%. If anyone would like to help with suggestions that would be great. All in all, it’s not a bad vape. I’m tasting it right now in an Origin Little with a tiny ss/kanthal Clapton coil at maybe .6 ohms. Eh, for what it’s worth, it’s kind of growing on me. Edit: I did add 1%, not 2%. Confused with another recipe. And yes, I should keep a notebook.


Speaking of cookies, someone mentioned Dansk Butter Cookies in flavor notes somewhere here. I can’t find it but if you know what I’m talking about I’d sure appreciate the info for that. @Pro_Vapes posted a Sugar Cookie recipe above that sounds really good and I’ll just have to get to work on these things. Whew, it really is a lotta’ work. But fun!


technically not in “Notes” but a good dive into Cookiedom. I’m getting to like Custard (TPA) but that’s a Love/Hate flavor like Vanilla Bean ice Cream (TPA) …I’m on the Love side


Well, whaddya know, I have all these flavors! Thank you, Bo.


I’m okay with this recipe but my aim is to create a decent recipe with as minimal flavors as possible. Can you suggest ONE coconut flavor to replace my two and ONE flavor to replace my three cookie flavors?


Not sure I would say one cookie, but I think you could easily eliminate FA Cookie and just go with Sugar Cookie and Biscuit. I find 4% Sugar Cookie with 0.75% Biscuit to be a wonderful combination. But I’ve never had the Coconut Cookies, so can’t speak to that. As for coconut, well that’s a hard one. I have several and don’t like any of them solo. Maybe try it without the Coconut Cookie and FA Cookie, see how that is. A little 15ml test batch would be good to test in a week or so. Good luck.


Thx…I did try first with just one coconut, the FA, and it didn’t seem strong enough. But that was with other flavors, as well. It’s worth a try to pare it down, like you said, and see what happens, I’m really starting to appreciate the art of simplicity. Much harder than it looks and it sounds like it takes thorough knowledge of flavors, something which I don’t have yet.


For me, FA coconut is fantastic for creamness but not a top note. TBH, the most flavorful coconut by itself I have found is TFA Coconut Candy. Tastes exactly like sweetened coconut used in baking. For stand alone cookie, I personally like Purilum, but I love Lorna Doone cookies too.

Purilum Cookie

Percentage Used: 4%

Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a single Kanthal .3 ohm Staircase coil at 27W. 24g kernel with 32g wrap, cotton wick.

PG/VG: 30/70

Steep Time: 3 and 10 Days

Aroma: Grain, sugar, butter.

Flavor Description: This is a nice shortbread cookie, with mild to moderate sweetness, slightly buttery. Just a hint of vanilla, the mouth feel is slightly moist and cakey. Not dry or grainy. This requires a longer steep and/or stronger percentage. The flavor is there, but I think it will be lost underneath other flavors other than providing body, so I am interested to see what happens with a full steep.

10 Days: This has surprised me with how much it strengthened with the longer steep time. The depth and strength has developed enough that I believe it will stand up to other flavors . A buttery fluffy shortbread cookie, with the breadiness being prominent rather than dry and crispy. It has a faint caramelization on the end of the exhale that gives it a lightly baked taste, with a sweet vanilla inhale. Its a spot on flavor of Lorna Doone shortbread cookies. Seems a good strength for a single flavor in the 4-6% range. Probably 1.5-3% in mixes.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 1/10

Pairings: Cookies, cakes, cereal, creams, custards, nuts, tobaccos, pie crusts, pastries, smoothies or shakes, jammy type fruits, icing, frosting, butter, maple.

Notes: I really like this, it’s a true bready yet still crisp cookie, buttery and with enough sweetness to say I’m a cookie while still not going to sugar cookie. I don’t get dryness from this like I do with FA cookie. I do like FA cookie as well, but’s it’s more a generic crispy cracker type cookie, missing the butter and very little sweetness compared to this one.


Thank you, thank you <3…I loves me some shortbread cookies.