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I don’t know if anyone’s told you lately, but you really are the queen of sharing. :slight_smile:


Be afraid. Be very afraid. One never knows what I might share next, mwahahahaha


I’m a little confused… great evaluation, but is it the Purilum Cookie that you are describing here?


What’s the difference between a staircase coil and a juggernaut? Been googling but they kinda look the same: parallel regular wire cores fused in flat wire?


Yes, it is Purilum, I’m sorry. I will edit for clarity :slight_smile:

A staircase is flat ribbon wrapped around 2 parallel wires, a juggernaut is flat ribbon wrapped around 2 clapton wires.


Im going to drop this here as something potentially important has popped up. I feel the need to go over my recipes and cut in half the percents i used. This is a challenge and test for me as i have devoted a lot of time on flavorah. If i can fix these recipes, i will. Thanks @1CoolBean for bringing this to my attention! Feed back is what i have been seeking from my peers. Your comments on this recipe are needed and appriciated!


@SmokyBlue is the one that taught me. Maybe she can chime in?


Ive actually talked to her. She had the same advice. I figured the advice came from the same source as you both established similiar points


I always try to tell people to work from low to high… It’s easier to add than it is to take a way… With @Flavorah, you need to start low and work up… Vanilla Bean is an additive not really to be used as a flavor. Try this with just vanilla bean.

take a few 10ml bottles and stagger drops
2,4,6,8,10 add your base, shake and pop it into the microwave for 2-3 seconds… think I typed all this out before here somewhere…and see what you think. I promise you will see what I am talking about.

Personally, with the vb, I can not do more than 1 drop per 10ml. Yes, taste is subjective, but until you test the flavors out as solo and low to high… you wont see the zombie effect, the chem trails, the muting and coming back and loosing flavor notes until you try it out.

These flavors are beautifully made, and have certain thresholds. Take it to the edge, and you will either have muting at the start, or a few weeks out, have a muddling going on. I hate muddled juices. I hope you can work the kinks out in your recipe…

Here is a dear friend of mine… watch his vids… specially the flv vids…


I seem to be coming here a lot. May I ask opinions on getting a caramelized flavor? I’m trying to make caramelized bananas. When making in RL I just add brown sugar to the skillet with sliced bananas. Would a dulce de leche flavor be a good choice?


I have no experience with this in vape juice, but INW creme brûlée has a nice burnt sugar note to it, I could picture it going nicely with banana too…just a guess though


I like to use TFA Toasted Marshmallow in low amounts, gives a bit of sweet toasty or baked flavor without adding other obvious flavoring to mess up the existing profile. Darker caramels like FA or FLV in very low amounts might help as well. Dulce de leche is too rich and creamy to hit a caramelized note for my palette, although it’s soooooo yummy!!!

All this is just my preference for my palette though. Don’t be afraid of experimenting, sometimes the results end up being really good.


this was made 2 20 18 and it has the graham cracker on top the cream and peanut butter is there but damnnn its dry super dry i think maybe i need to lower the PB and the GC but i think the creams will bury the GC taste my biggest concern is how dry this is any suggestion ???


Maybe a bit of saline?


ive never used it , who sells it for our use ?


How do you make your own saline? On VU I read someone using 3g of sugar salt per cup of distilled (or de-ionized) water… is that about the ratio? And about 1% of that in your juice?
edit: did I really put sugar? I meant salt!


.9% non iodized salt or sea salt in distilled water, use it .25-.5 %


Thx, I follow my nose, so to speak and see what happens.


Can you explain how saline takes the dryness out? Me no get it.


I got mine from DIYVS (vapor supply)
There’s a link to them (and discount) on the resources page, and varying flavor pages. :wink:

They also have ws-23 and other specialty ‘modifiers’.