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awesome ty , i dont want to make it or buy wrong stuff , id rather buy from a vendor


ill also droo the PB in half or at least .50 pct , i was thinking about cactus at .25 pct or so


Creamy is the opposite of dry, right? Would this be able to help you out?

“Gamma Octalactone- Sold by tpa and sv. This is the stuff they put in fudgesicles and other non-dairy treats to make them taste creamy. At 50ppm, it will make any juice you make extra creamy; you’d swear there’s real cream in it!”

This is from the thread, “Very specific cream used in almost all premium liquids”. Maybe you can use this without drowning out the GC flavor, idk.


@Stavanger_Ghost That’s what I used to think, looks like it’s 5% Suc, and 5% Maltol for whatever that’s worth.


Off topic but I ordered the Purilum Cookie last night. Can’t wait to try it.


@muth Let me know what you think of it …


You know, I’m just not sure. It’s something I read somewhere…hence the “?” at the end of my reply. I can’t say it works only that I read it does. Problem is I can’t remember where I read it :slight_smile:


you would think , but the cream and mouthfeel is good , its just dry but the more i vape it seems to be getting better lol or i may be getting used to it lol


Id say u are getting used to it, I had the dry chalkiness from PB tpa and stopped using any PB until urged to mix that saline up. Everything u need is at the grocery store, distilled water and sea salt, throw that in a bottle, u dont even have to heat it up, just shake. Id fix the dryness first thinking throwing more cream is just masking it, now u have a creamy dry PB, hehe


absolutely correct my friend and if this was moist / wet / juicier whatever it should be called id be in love with this


I’ll chime in if you don’t mind, please keep in mind I’m not a chemist or scientist, so take my words with a grain of salt…literally :wink:

I used my organic sea salt crystals I bought a while back for regular cooking. Measured out 2.5 gram and filtered it through a little mesh, just to be sure there weren’t any other particles like dirt/sand in it. I then took a cup and a half of distilled water, boiled it, added the salt and let it boil for 5 minutes or till dissolved. Filtered it one more time, this time through a coffee filter and bottled it, using a 15ml amber glass bottle. This mixture due to its nature of not including extra preservative (yes I know salt but no that’s not how it works lol) need to be stored in the fridge.

You can also buy it on amazon just make sure it says sterile saline solution (0.9%) I think it is, you get around 100 vials of 2 ml for I think $15 bucks.

You would add 1 or half a drop per 10ml to your juices if you wanted to make it juicier/wetter or even to cut sweetness. In some cases you can add it if you want that salted feel, for example with chocolates and caramels. However if that’s your plan rather buy let’s say salted caramel, since that would do a much better job.

I don’t know why it works on a medical stand point, but what it does is the same nasal spray would (saline solution not the medicated) , if you ever had a clocked nose you know what I’m talking about. Using that nasal spray will make the inside of your nose saturated, leading your body to start producing more fluid via your mouth and nose, giving you that feeling of a runny nose after a while lol.

I don’t know how to explain it any way, but that’s what it does in your juice without extra flavor addings. For example inw cactus can and will make juices juicier or moist when too dry. Same with grapefruit/ Fuji and other citrus. So does white and apple cider vinegar, but all of them even at very low percentage will add the aroma note to your juice. Saline won’t do that and you can’t taste salt or salty at very low percentage, now obviously if you using it @ 1% not sure who would tho, but yes the you will taste salt and not in a good way.

I hope that made it a bit clearer, if I confused you even more, I apologize.


How do you reckon this would go. I haven’t had much success with cheesecakes so I thought I’d throw this one to the lions before I mixed it. I’d appreciate opinions and recommendations. If I have anything that would work better, please let me know. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/stash


I think it looks yummy! If it was me I’d bump up the NYCC to 3% and the Butter Pecan to 3 or 3.5%, and maybe omit the Brown Sugar because I find FW BP quite sweet. But that’d be to my taste, not necessarily yours.


I’ve added your suggestions to the notes, thanks.


Is brown sugar sweet? I thought it was flavor without sweetness, I haven’t used it much. I only added it because a flavor matching program suggested it.


It’s not as sweet as white sugar, darker in taste.


To start: i am very new to mixing, only about a year and a half in. I have mostly mixed fruits but i am trying to expand my bakery recipes.
The goal for this one was supposed to be a blueberry taste with granola as a backround. I have been told it has a blueberry inhale but is predominantly granola. What can i do so the blueberry is not muted so much? Thanks in advance!


Some people will use a small bit of banana to boost blueberry. I think I remember seeing FLV Banana being used at .25-.50 and LA Banana cream being used around .75.


Now that you mention it, i have heard banana as well! Thanks!


In addition to the banana, a tiny touch of lime can help boost the tart skin aspect of the blueberry.