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Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!


Oooh! Really? Thats interesting! Ill have to get some lime!!! Thanks!


Yeah but seriously just an itty bitty bit! I’ve done mixes with both the banana and lime together with blueberry and they come out so much better than the mixes with just blueberry. Good luck!


Think I would first try lowering the graham cracker and granola to see if the fruit will pop up… It might a bit much overall, and can be muting itself out with everything. Granola is a strong flavor… I’d do it like this:

.21% Alpine strawberry
.8% Blueberry
.4% Graham Cracker
.21% Granola
.6% Raspberry
.21% Smooth Vanilla
.40% Strawberry Cream

with my drops at 50 drops per ml

I’d also drop the strawberry cream and just go with cream at .4%
Lime or pineapple either or at .07% I believe someone else said too…
Dragon fruit would have been a good add in at .2% too.
Wheat would be nice as to give a lift to the granola and help smooth it all out. 1 drop per 30ml.

Let it sit for about 3-5 days… hope someone will mix up both recipes and comment the results. thanks… :slight_smile:


I agree with lowering the granola. Thank you


Help me, please. I was aiming for a smoked butterscotch custard. All I taste is butterscotch no custard or smoke. I lowered both butterscotches by 1% and taste absolutely nothing. I’ve been working on this for a few months. Can someone give me some suggestions? Please



What’s in it? The link says “marked as private”.


I tried to share it as a HTML text but its not working.


No worries, what’s the gist of it? Off the top of my head if I was going for a smoky butterscotch I’d definitely try starting with flavorah smoked butterscotch, medicine flower butterscotch, and tpa toasted marshmallow! :yum:


555 INW- 1.20 %
Butterscotch ripple- 3%
Butterscotch FLV- 1.20%
V.1 Vanilla Custard cap- 3%
oakwood fa - 0.5%


I thought about toatsed marshmallow but wasnt sure. I do have MF butterscotch and i love it but the steep is so long. What % do you use the MF in a mix?


Yum, looks like a nice start! You could probably bump up the ripple to 4%+, although it can get a little BA heavy… But to get the smoky flavor definitely try some toasted mm around 1.5% to start.


For the mf butterscotch somewhere between .5-1% would be good


Ok, great ill try the toasted marshmallow. and adjust the scotches Thank you


I’d try it both ways, Laura… never know… not sure what size you recipe test first before making larger ones… but I always use 30ml myself… what set up do you have? :slight_smile: you welcome!


I would try swapping cap custard for inw if you have it. Maybe start at 0.75-1% and go up from there.


I’ve had some horrible luck with making a quality Orange Cream flavored ejuice.
It always seems to end up having a really acidic bite or just tastes like orange Pez or orange sweet tarts candy, which I hate.
Can someone help with this?
Here are two I’ve tried and let age well, testing every few days. Ick!
Orange Cream Test #1
CreamStone v1 2%
Gummy Candy (TPA) 0.50%
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1%
Orange Citrus (Flavorah) 1%
Tanger (Mandarin) (FA) 1%

Orange Cream Test #2

Cactus (INAWERA) 0.20%
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 0.15%
Orange Citrus (Flavorah) 1.25%
Smooth Vanilla (Flavorah) 0.20%
Vanilla Bean (Flavorah) 0.50%



We have tvf 8’s and griffin 25+ for tanks. Voopoo drag and khaos for mods. Lately we have been using the tvf for our main tanks. I make 60 to 90ml for testing, only because i have my husband to help me test, so we need a bit more.


@Alisa…a women after my heart! I have been dreaming of this type of recipe as well! I am following this recipe convo for sure!!


Ok Ill try that. Thank you


They both actually look really good. Wish i could help, but i will be following.