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What other oranges do you have. Tangerine flv? Orange shisha inw hopefully?


Nope, neither. If you recommend though, I’ll be adding to my next order.


I do I do. There both good on their own and together.

Tangerine flv is a great replacement for sweet tangerine cap.

Shisha orange inw can be pushed unlike fa’s Oranges that get funky when getting higher on the percents.


Im a freak for blood orange and tangerine from flavorah! Blood orange is bold and simply citrus. No tangy or candy taste. It creeped its way into a lot of my recipes! Now i am wondering what it could do with some cream!!


@Laura5 I love me some tang and bo as well. JUST picked up the new FA Royal Orange, and haven’t tested it yet, but it smells really, royally good.


Tell me what its like!? I gotta have it if its worth it!


hmm… ok, @Laura5 … on the tanks, I can see why youd go higher in flavor with the tfv8… anything smok mutes out… curious if you went ahead and mixed it both with reduced granola and graham cracker, or tried out the recipe changes I posted…

@Alisa I find that the orange citrus Flavorah runs better at below .60% might be just me… and the vanilla bean, try just 1 drop per 10ml as it is an additive type. see if that harshness drops any… I’d also add in some of that blood orange flavorah, as it is just beautiful! maybe .2-.4%


I like the Orange Citrus 0.25-0.5%, pretty flavorful for me around there. Vanilla Bean I can go high with and still love it, Smooth Vanilla not so much, that one has to stay like 0.10 or less for me.


I have been busy mixing up other stuff…i plan to revise the recipe though!


This one is soooooo potent! Even at .25% it is high! (For me anyway)


Smooth Vanilla is all that and a bag of vanillin crystals lol… I normally do 1 drop per 15ml and I love!! It in one of my candy canes… it averages out to about .04% usage for me. but that vanilla bean… more like 1 drop per 10ml so about .07% If I take it higher and depending on what I add to it… I get a burnt hair type taste. I dont think it’s better than my fried onion rings but… I hate anything burnt :stuck_out_tongue:


I have finally decided that anything that approaches .5% is too much with this flavor, for me, and at that % is will pretty much dominate a mix. For example, in this mix i have gone all over the place with its percentage which of course meant i had to alter all the other %'s. Initially, I used granola from .6-1%.

KoW’s Granola Muncher

0.45% Apricot (Flavorah)
0.50% Cranberry (Flavorah)
0.30% Frosting (Flavorah)
0.90% Granola (Flavorah)
0.10% Smooth Vanilla (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 2.25%

Next mix im going to drop it way down. Also there is nothing “crunchy” in it so i like the talk of graham.

KoW’s Granola Muncher

0.35% Apricot (Flavorah)
0.40% Cranberry (Flavorah)
0.30% Frosting (Flavorah)
0.20% Graham Cracker (Flavorah)
0.40% Granola (Flavorah) Might end up even lower
0.05% Smooth Vanilla (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 1.7%


I agree with this flavor!


WTG, Ken… I am in no way picking on anyone about using the flv flavors… I just know by trial and error, and working with them for as long as I have. We all have our “thresholds” of where we personally like flavors, but when you work with them as concentrated as they are, they really do not need a lot in usage amounts. By playing with the flavors you can find where you like it. You can also spot other recipes by other people real quick and go woah… its too much or too little for me. Knowing those 2 points, will in turn make you a better mixer, anytime, with any manufacture! That recipe reduction looks good… :wink:

Btw I have something similar I will be putting up on my shop side of flvfan… that gorgeous avocado and granola is fantastic mix, with fruits and really brings another dimension of yummy out!


Looking forward to seeing that. Im slowly grabbing more and more FLV flavorings, didnt buy for a long time because i was butthurt. Back when FLV came out they ran a big sale on reddit, it was BOGO on their flavor packs, i think it was 6 flavors/pack for a total of 12. I chose all V.Custard because of how the reddit mods were raving about it, it was a CAP killer, etc. Well, i didnt hate it but i didnt like at anywhere near as much as CAP so i didnt buy any FLV for a long long time. I know, its pretty childish, hehe, butthurt always is. I gave all the V.Custard to my nephews to mix with.

The flavor i bought first, post butthurt? That would be V.Custard. :slight_smile:

Picking on people? I havent seen any of that and no one has mentioned it to me but i am pretty blind to that kind of thing. I scan posts for keywords related to the facts i need, the minutia doesnt even register.


LoL Vanilla Custard… both that and the regular Custard, if done right, are beautiful and yes a cap custard killer for sure!! I remember them on reddit… I had an account way back then, but I kept losing my account name and password, how I dunno… but I do remember that sale and a few bits before all that. It was before all that that thru my lab I work with, I discovered the ultras and haven’t left or let’s put it this way, have never ever entertained finding other companies. I know more are out there, however knowing the lay of flavoring and manufactures I can say the flavors I helped design, more than 80% of the diy community use even today. :wink:

Gota love our flavor habits… those small things in life that keep us all happy :wink: boy I sure am side tracking the fix my mix thread lmao… dang it!! :slight_smile:


I think that depends on which brown sugar you’re talking about…
The TPA version that I have is right up there with super sweet. The first times I tried it at 1% it just ruined any recipe I made with it (no other sweetener used). Before that I had tried FW and that had zero sweetness to it (and very little brown sugar flavor).
I’ve often wondered if there was anything wrong with the concentrates I received but it seems odd that from the 150 flavors I have, only my 2 brown sugars were duds.


It’s difficult to understand how you could know the lay of the land with other manufactures (taste wise), if you’ve never entertained finding other companies. :scratching head:

Perhaps you’re a bit like I am, and have trouble conveying your actual intent from time to time… I don’t know.

Either way, I appreciate the fact that you take pride in whatever way ‘you’ve helped develop FLV’, but by your own phrasing, and my understanding (or lack thereof currently) but wouldn’t you be a better mixer if you branched out?


I have mixed with just about every single flavor manufacturers flavoring lines… I stopped all that years ago… and am much happier… I’m not paying shipping to 5 different companies that are the so called standards. You don’t know me and yeah I don’t know you… but I am happy with my mixes and so are a lot of other people. :wink: thanks tho… been mixing for over 8 yrs now… think I know a few things… if not we are all in trouble!


Well that escalated quickly…