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Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!


Actually, not… I am not the one that posted I need any sort of help with any of my mixes… so it goes nowhere.
I guess keep the drama here… but don’t count on me to keep it going… happy mixing!!


Hey. Im not trying to back and forth with you
I respect the fact that you have experience. I respect your opinions. I do not agree with a lot that you say, but thats the beauty of it…we all have the right to an opinion.


I ask for help because i am humble enough to do so. 10 years from now, i will still ask for help. If i can not learn something everyday…the day is wasted.


My Caramel Apple recipe doesn’t really taste like caramel or Apple. I also have Double Apple I could use. I was looking for a sweet thick caramel flavor with a tart apple bite. Any ideas?


Imo and experiance that green apple by tpa is not the best apple , try the double apple and if you can grab FA fuji its probably better for a simple caramel apple vape

Can't seem to master this recipe. Help?

Caramel Apple: try Wayne Walker’s Casino Pier.
I tried this recipe a while back, not knowing what it was, and it tastes similar to a caramel apple:

Follow it back to ATF and use the original recipe
If it works for you great, otherwise, it’s a great starting point for your mix, and may give you ideas on how to improve yours.


that looks good , ive never pushed the fuji that high but that may be why i dont taste apple very well ( i need to go higher )


I ended up going through my flavors a little more, reading other people’s notes and avg %'s. I ditched the green apple as suggested and went for a lower % of the fuji and put a decent amount of that double apple in there, which is world’s better than the green apple. So accurate in its fresh crisp taste. I also read rhat like tahity brings out a sour note when mixed with fuji apple, and it really does a good job of rounding out the apple taste. With a higher % of caramel and butterscotch together it added a creaminess to it and it reminded me of a caramel apple and cheese pastry so I decided to add a bit of Graham cracker flavor to finish the flavor off and man… I have to say it really is one of my best mixes so far. I made 3 times as much to keep steeping it and see how it tastes in a week or two!


Congrats on the initial success!
But be mindful of the fact that steeping can/does/will directly affect how a recipe tastes as time passes!!

Don’t go too big before you know what you want it to be, at what point in time, and how much of it you’re going to go through (in its usable lifespan)!
EG: don’t make 300ml of something that you can only vape 150ml of, because you only like it when it’s between 2-3 weeks old (a 7 day window).


Lots of people seem to think that using 4% fa fuji isn’t right, but I’ve done it with several recipes and never had issues with it. Just give it a week to steep and it’ll all be fine :wink:


I’ve always been curious about that one, but the last couple recipes from Wayne I tried were a bit disappointing…
Is this ADV material?


Mixed up 30ml on 11/1/17, still have 20ml left.
But it may work for you.
Same thing with his Rhodonite. Everyone talked big about it, but I found it strange and not very good – to me. Whatever. On to the next recipe !

I’m trying out Alisa’s Silver Blend v1, but it’s too tobacoey… it’s only been a few days, maybe after a good long steep I’ll like it more ? Whatever, On to the next recipe ! next to mix is Grubby’s RY4 Caramel AP… or Naughty Umbra by Tzimisce… Devotion by Diliaki is different but very good if you like chocolate. Vladimirios ? recommended her recipes for chocolate lovers, and there’s another one of hers that I like a lot as well (can’t remember the name of it). Whatever. On to the next recipe ! Still looking for a good Peanut butter cookie recipe tho !


Since it must be that you enjoy Coconut Custard here is a new and very good Coconut Custard of mine,


hehe, same here :smiley: I think I still have about 40ml of it here too that I can’t seem to get through. Absolute misuse of the raspberry if you ask me. He used that flavor to stand out but it’s a bit of a chemical flavor to me, not something I can enjoy so prominently.
Because he said the AP was optional, I even mixed one 30ml with and one without :rofl: Big mistake!
Talk about a trouble recipe hehe


If there’s nothing wrong with that recipe, I think you posted it in the wrong thread :wink:


Can you mix it and tell me if it needs something?:wink:


I know you’re a good mixer so if I had all the flavors, it would already be steeping :wink:


Gosh, thanks dude.


Just wondering, what concentrates are you lacking for the recipe I posted?


I generally make my initial mixes just 15ml to get an idea off the bat of what it tastes like. If it’s good I’ll use it as a shake n vape and generally make a little extra more to steep. If it’s not good the first day I put it in a drawer in the dark and shake them everyday and try it every couple of days. So if I make a large batch it’s generally about 45-60ml. I used to make 30ml recipes for everything but then ended up with quite a few that were pretty gross so I started making just 15mls to taste test new flavors.